Tuesday, January 22, 2008

She's back ...!

On 21st December we reported on her abduction from the Sao Paulo Museum of Art in Brazil. We are very happy to say today that ... Picasso's "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch" is back:

Art Daily: "Brazilian Police Recover Stolen Picasso and Portinari"

Brazilian police have recovered the two paintings, a Picasso paintings and a work by Candido Portinari that were stolen last month from the Sao Paulo Museum of Art. The police also arrested two suspects. The works are valued at around $56 million and were found in Sao Paulo. Pablo Picasso’s "Portrait of Suzanne Bloch" is estimated to be worth 50 million dollars, and "The Coffee Worker" by Brazil's Candido Portinari, estimated at nearly six million dollars. Neither of them had insurance. (...) >>>

- Caption: Candido Portinari (1903 - 1962), "The Coffee Worker" -

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