Saturday, September 12, 2009

"A New America", the Movie

The United States economy reached a meltdown point in September 2008. A Republican President and Democratic Congress passed a massive bill to bail out banks. Many Americans were shocked that the wealthiest country in the world could be in so much financial trouble overnight. This financial crisis occurred at a point when many Americans were already looking for change in their government and an election provided the opportunity.

Then Candidate Barack Obama promised to turn the page and take America in a new direction. A majority of voters were receptive to this message. Congressional leaders pledged to work with their new President to help his vision become reality.

Americans made a similar choice in 1932, when the economy was in a serious downturn. Franklin Delano Roosevelt promised a New Deal for America, a series of government programs to turn the economy around. FDR is credited by many historians for having spared the United States from drifting towards the totalitarianism that swept through Europe and other parts of the world at that time.

Barack Obama began his term in office in an atmosphere of heady optimism, in the wake of Abraham Lincoln. Many pointed to the Presidents agenda as the New New Deal and Barack Obama himself promised fundamental change.

And one cold January day, we embarked on the path to a new America...

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