Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Racist! (Updated)

You gotta see this!

Pajamas TV/Sonja Schmidt: "What's it Take to Be a Racist?"

Sept. 29, 2009

Democrats' shrieks of "racist!" this week reached psychotic levels. Let's not sum up who made up the chorus, but former antisemetic President Jimmy Carter was the temporary apotheosis.

Charges of racism have very little to do with reality and serve the purpose of what in another era was 'fascist'. It's a stopper and a slightly more grown-up version of a temper tantrum.

The big winner in this offensive is, yes ... racism.

Big Hollywood: "Real Racism: Lessons in ‘To Kill a Mockingbird’", by Andrea Shea King

My name is Bob Ewell. We’re all Bob Ewells if you check with the Left and their media mouthpieces.

Who is Bob Ewell? Well, if you’ve ever watched the movie To Kill a Mockingbird, you’d know that Ewell is the racist character who destroyed the life of an innocent man.

To Kill A Mockingbird is a classic American film, based on Harper Lee’s novel of life in 1936 Alabama and racial injustice that resided there.

The importance of this movie is that the cries of racism today, most recently by former president Jimmy Carter — which are not true — damage and set back the real cases of racism.

This movie shows us real racism, which thankfully, we don’t see much of today. (...)

The contrast is glaring between this made up political racism and the real deal — the real Bob Ewells of the world. Like Television.com offers it for free online. (...) >>>

Here's the theme by Elmer Bernstein, which is exquisite!

IMdB page.

Slide show.


And for heaven's sake! Stop the racist! rage!!!

Another update (Oct. 15, 2009)

Red State: "The Totally Real And Not Fake Stupid Quotes Shenaniganza!", by Caleb Howe

That’s what the MSM had to say in comments about Rush Limbaugh’s recent bid to purchase the St. Louis Rams. According to some guy I overheard at the mall, White House Press Secretary Robert Gibbs suggested that Limbaugh owning the Rams “is exactly the same as slavery, but fatter.” And then there’s what Helen Thomas probably said, “Rush to what window? With a ram? Where’s my sweater?”

So in honor of the controversy, I’ve compiled a top ten list of some completely ridiculous but totally true and not fake quotes of famous people who are not (or so they claim) Rush Limbaugh. These are, like, so the true. For really real. Really. No … really.


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