Saturday, January 23, 2010

Greek Grace for Weddings and What Not! (I)

Despina and Olga Kremastioti are artistic photographers working under the name of Mindart out of the Athens seaside resort of Glyfada.

Despina and Olga have an unique vision of what contemporary social event photography should be all about: images that talk and capture the essence of the moment. They have succeeded marvelously.

The artists are working as a team on a shared perception of what's going on in concerts, television productions, portrait photography, journalism and architecture.

A slideshow of their portfolio can be viewed here.

Mindart Facebook group.

Facebook photo page.

Mindart Home Page in English.

A YouTube slideshow is available in Part II.


Space Invader said...

that looks superb,i have a project in mind when i go to Athens next March, well done mindart

Online Degrees said...

It such a great post, interesting,

Anonymous said...

on behalf of Mindart Photography thanks to you all and Cassandra of course

Despina Kremastiotis!/despina.kremastiotis?ref=profile