Monday, January 18, 2010

Wanted: Conservative Artists

Any Romantic Realists out there? The Left have tried to monopolize art, but now you can prove once and for all, 'conservative artist' isn't an oxymoron!

Modern Conservative: "Become a liberatchik!"

Are you a conservative artist? Have you had enough with leftist bias in art?

Are you tired of being told by snobby liberal gallery owners that your work is too "strident," only see the latest piece of lefty propaganda art hanging in the window of that same gallery a week later? Want to start something new? Use your art for a purpose. Declare your independence. Join us!

If you're a fellow conservative and an artist, but your art isn't about making political statements, that's cool—we should still support each other. Drop us an email; we'll list your site.

If you have a conservative website and you want to support our movement, let's exchange links. Become a liberatchik!

Check out our Conservative Artist's Survival Guide.

To the conservative world in general, we need your support. Buy our work! Support this website! Soon it will be impossible to say that there's no meaningful conservative presence in art.

**In the old Soviet Union, they had what were called "apparatchiks"—people whose job it was to keep the Communist Party apparatus going. Our core principle is Liberty—we will use our art for freedom!

However, you don't have to be an artist to be a liberatchik—you just need to love art . . . and Liberty! >>>

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