Friday, January 01, 2010

New Year's Movie Theater: "The Truth About Communism"

Launched two years ago, on the 90th October Revolution´s Anniversary, this documentary presents the violent rise of the Soviet Empire from the chaos of Revolution to the terror of the Cold War and is charted using remarkable footage of actual events.

Special interest is the subject of the Spanish Revolution. This is the best collection of historical film footage on the topic of World Communism ever assembled. Featuring an introduction from Alexander Kerensky, President of Russia following the Revolution that deposed the Czar Regime and before the Communist took over.

Narrator: Ronald Reagan. Year: 1962

Hat Tip: Veterans for Academic Freedom, who have this to add to their post:

All across America hundreds of Socialist and Communist student clubs and parties exist with the goal of eliminating the Constitution of the United States and bringing about a revolution such as was seen in Soviet Russia.
Years ago Ronald Reagan was a strong opponent of Communism as he saw it for what it was: slavery to the state. In this documentary you will see the dangers of Communism explained by the first President of the U.S.S.R (...) >>>
Remarkable is that the goal of World Communism, according to the theories of Marx and Lenin, was originally believed to be triggered by wars, general mayhem or violent revolution, and pitting one social class against another.

Since it was always hard to agitate the proletariat into rebellion, Leftists sought succor elsewhere and found it with the Fabians and Social Democracy - or incremental Socialism through mob rule (rather like, voting in Sharia Law). Opposing groups also do not have to be social classes per se: these might as well be gender, racial, cultural, ideological or religious groups pitted against whoever is in power.

Since the fall of the Iron Curtain - the impenetrable barrier to keep freedom out and the slaves to the 'ethical whole' in (there was a reason for that!) - they approach the matter from another angle yet. Like during the Cold War countries were infiltrated and bored from within, international institutions and the 'narrative' of Greenism form the perfect venues for the launch of yet another power grab. It goes by many names, but the proper one should be Neo Communism (if only, because it blows the cover).

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Terrell said...

Just watched the documentary. Excellent. We need someone like Reagan again. Who could it be?

Cassandra Troy said...

Thanks, Terrell. I wouldn't know. Things usually fall into place when the time comes.