Monday, October 30, 2006

Water and Fisheries Dept.?

Dear readership, a request: please write your comments in the COMMENTS sector instead of hitting the little envelop next to COMMENTS which results in an email. I like your emails toooo much, but the idea is to get a public conversation going, so please follow these guidelines. It is all a bit confusing, but there you go...

Today's a quiet day as Mondays go, regretfully again with digital troubles (you solve one set of problems, which just a day later appears to have been swapped by another set ...ohhh, give me strength!).
The Lighthouse concept will be built on professionally in the copywriting department. Presently working on a new website called Lighthouse #11. I found a beautiful logo from U.S. Water and Fisheries Dept. which is copyright free, probably because it stems from 1920 or thereabouts. Here it is:

The AELAS (Athens English Language Assistance and Services) as a continuance to the tuition project I'll have to let go on account I suddenly remembered the communist resistance during WWII was called ELAS, and some people might have some nasty associations. (Ellas is the Greek word for Greece, so this acronym looked like a too good coincidence to pass up, until the communists once again put their foot in it!)

I'll keep opinions and facts to myself for one day, you'll be glad to note. Sleep well and God bless!

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