Monday, October 23, 2006

Jan Pronk is at it, again ...

Our national Charles Chaplin of high diplomacy has put his foot in it again.
Kofi Annan's special envoy to Sudan has 72 hours to get packing. The government lot in Sudan, being under heavy pressure internationally to accept a real U.N. peacekeeping force for Darfur instead of the toothless ragtag A.U. army which is presently in place (7.000 men for an area the size of France, more the government won't tolerate), has for some time now been looking for an excuse to suspend negotiations. Well, thanks Jan, you have just given it to them on a gold platter! Still cannot keep you emotions in check, eh? Still too much in touch with your Dolle Miena* side?
* Dolle Miena, lit. Insane Ida, the name of the activist group of women who in the sixties (and seventies? anyway the time of the Socio-Cultural Revolution of blessed memory) were on the barricades pro choice, pro pre-school for three year olds, pro D.D.R. (very good pre-schools for three year olds!), against 'Nam, nukes and cruise missiles even if they might have saved civilization as we know it; anti anyting American in general and any U.S. president in particular - and above all, against common decency (most still shudder with the very thought of it; some have even supernatural, extrasensorial experiences accompanying these terrible reminisces (for instance a sudden inexplicable smell of brussels sprouts! Yak ...).

Now that Osama and his entourage have been kicked out of Afghanistan they are apparently looking for another country to turn into a hell-hole and he'll be jumping up and down with joy that this one is once again becoming vacant. Hey, perhaps we can even open up a new front there in the war on terror!

Jan, Jan, in the past I've said so more than once when you'd yet again were given ministerial opportunity to unleash Keynesian economics on our poor country, but I bet right now even at the U.N. in New York City they'd wish you remained in Scheveningen, and had followed a blissful vocation aboard herring kotter m/s "Cornelia II", on the high seas, instead....

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