Saturday, December 16, 2006

Your ticket to a fun-filled weekend

I need a break before sustaining another instalment of "Dissecting relativism". That's why I am giving you today news items of a various nature for your amusement, at the end of which you probably won't know where you are (which must be fun, for a change and a healthy alternative for the usual poisons - ah, all is relative ...).

The interested reader is advised to take careful note of the following:

- Moderate Muslims Release Manifesto
We, the moderate Muslims of the world have sat by for far too long and watched as our great religion has been hijacked by those who have committed horrendous acts in Islam's name. Rapes, murders, and worse have been committed by those purporting to do Allah's will. But no more. From this day forth, the following commandments shall be the guidelines that all true, peaceful Muslims ... read more

- Always a source of the remarkable, Hellenic Radio & Television is reporting that on the initiative of the International Foundation Mozarteum in Saltzburg all of Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart’s music will be available on the Internet for free, commemorating his 250th anniversary of his birth. A playground for the aficionado!

That should get you through the weekend. Cheerio!

Stop press - stop press - stop press - stop press - stop press - stop press
More signs of cerebral sanity just reported: a representative of an NGO (I didn't get which one), working in Africa just advocated, live on CNN Television, the use of small amounts of DDT indoors in the fight against malaria! That's hope yet for humanity!

... and Fidel Castro is NOT dead (says his buddy Chavez) ...

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