Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Real Scary Stufff ...! Bbbrrrrrrr ....

I don't scare easily. In fact, when spontaneously acting on the challenge "this is not for the faint-hearted" as I cannot help doing, you can rest assured you will get dished out a blog-full of stable produce, unpleasant but essentially harmless. What really fills me with apprehension is a blog like Larval Subjects, dedication of which is described as:

"Larvae are creatures in a process of becoming or development that have not yet actualized themselves in a specific form. This space is a space for the incubation of philosophical larvae that are yet without determinate positions or commitments but which are in a process of unfolding".
I may be doing this particular Blogger/Professor/Psychoanalyst a grave injustice, but when one gets a lot of phenomenological chaosmosis thrown at you, it makes me personally tremble to the core! The didactical manipulation and the guru posturing apart, the ultimate results for society can be devastating. Pseudo philosophy as relativism and fuzzy sophistry like deconstructionism probably started in a similar way: someone bringing the larvae of a "creative idea" to full incubation, to be let loose on a society as yet unaware of the impending danger.

Just to show how terribly confused a time in the development of humanity this is, a nevertheless hilarious quote from a leading news outlet's public comments section, deserving to be wrestled from the clutches of eternity. It is in reference of a debate currently taking place in The Netherlands, by which Ayaan Hirsi Ali (or more probably somebody in her by now infamous circle of extremist liberal secularists, or extreme secular liberals, I don't care) claimed the "right to insult" as the ultimate exercise in the freedom of speech. Queen Beatrix, delivering her yearly Christmas Speech, underlined the legal fact that such a right simply does not exist. Comments one particular peawit:
"The freedom of speech is total [1]... the Queen should shut up! And who doesn't get this by now, shouldn't even be here - so get lost, Mo!".
This is the result of all the relativism [2]... Scary stuff, eh?

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