Tuesday, December 19, 2006

A very active blogosphere indeed!

I have a daily alert with Google . Every morning I find in my email a link list with all hits on "relativism". I get to know friend and foe alike. My foes I won't mention but to state that there is the occasional religion basher and/or quasi intellectual post-modern philosopher with a "weak" head who thinks he has something worthwhile to add to this already quite sufficiently deconstructed world. Sometimes I am even stupid enough to study their cerebral products seriously, thereby committing an offense against time management.
Friends sometimes make it very fast indeed to the list of Friends and Foes, in the column on your left hand side. The pickings were today of a special nature. So outstanding in fact that I feel the urge to mention them here specifically.

On #3., as Blog of Special Interest: Pope Benedict XVI Fan Club, no less! Sign up and make it official now!

Number 2, a post on a matter which remained under the radar I'm ashamed to admit. But some scouts in the spiky field of relativism are on the alert for P.C. bomb shells, multi-culti snipers and deconstructionist contraptions: Colby Willen of Birmingham, Alabama's Vocabuli Blogspot spotted it sure enough: Time's choice of Person of the Year is Relativism Personified!

Top of the pops, the uncontested number 1 is ..... Archbishop Cranmer's Blog on the Examination of Religio-Political Agendas with Religio-Politican Objectives. You'd be excused for thinking the archbishop is long history, but some clever foot-soldier has reincarnated him in the fight against halal meat for all faiths and denominations alike, and other such abominations! A well deserved laurel for a job well done!

I've also been active, posing rhetorical questions on the Uruzgan Blog (Que? ... Uruzgan Blog ...!). That's the Afghan province where the Aussie-Dutch NATO Task Force is rabbit-holing. On my question why it is that some European countries are having trouble fighting terrorists (honest, the Dutch parliament only wanted to send troops if they would be doing the job any government sponsored NGO could do better, namely building schools and hospitals - as if that is where we train our marines for!). I got a long and very diplomatic answer, which ducked the political implication with great agility. Bravo, boys ... athletic in more ways than one. I expressed the hope that attitudes as the Dutch parliament's, wouldn't unduly demoralize them. But after being left holding the politically red hot potato of Srebrenica the Dutch boys and girls are up to anything ghastly the U.N., NATO or the E.U. may throw at them.

This is not a post on Robert Mugabe and his African hell-hole of Zimbabwe.

And the Dutch are perfectly normal, middle of the road Europeans when it comes to fighting crime. In many other respects they're really a bit subnormal, but shshut .. don't tell them ... they think everybody is as they are.

In the next posting some goodies from the Town Hall of the U.S. conservative heartland which has something very intelligent to contribute on tolerance.

I am closing This Daily Cause in the words of G.K. Chesterton, copied from the papal fan club site:

"The Catholic Church is the only thing which saves a man
from the degrading slavery of being a child of his age".

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