Wednesday, December 06, 2006

The State of Malcontent VII

But consider what life is to the average relativist. Nothing but a cosmic accident, a coincidence. After the big bang (which they accept only very reluctantly, as contrary to Darwinism, leaves room for God), you first get through the evolutionary stages of cosmic soup, then dinos, giant squid and pterodactyls, topped up with a comet crash as grant finale. After which the mammals get their turn on the cosmic stage. So far, so good. By that time it's not long before we encounter apes, naked apes, Charles Darwin and other champs of relativism. Once in existence we eat, sleep, copulate and multiply, thereafter die, never to be heard of ever more.

How's that for breeding the ultimate cynic! It is a purposeless world, a void empty of vistas and morals* they have us subscribe to. Thus made, not created, we can dispense with God, "whom we have invented because we cannot accept the inevitable". Besides, we can do much better ourselves without the moral authority watching our every step from above. So we pass through the motions of life. And how to pass the time? Well, you live life to the fullest; you get it all and you get it now, before it is all over. Never mind eventual consequences and the harm you may cause to yourself and others in the process.

This nihilist world view is also detrimental to the value of human life. There is nothing in which man differs from the animal kingdom. He's part and parcel of it, being a glorified, naked ape himself. The good news is that this view has resulted in the upgrading of animals. Humans on the other hand are increasingly dispensable, if not downright harmful, as some biologists suggest. If you ask me, they are the biggest instigators of "Down With Us", but I could be mistaking. Anyway, they opine that babies are the biggest polluters imaginable, and their advice to the world at large is, do suicide if you want to help the environment; if that's too drastic just dispense with air travel and motoring, and make up for your sins by remaining childless! Since in Europe we are already under-performing in that department, this is very bad advice indeed. But for those offspring that get through the net, their raising can be limited to the teaching of a few survival skills and acquiring the ability to get the most material stuff the fastest possible.

Anything that is technically possible is being done without further ado, as science and medical practices are moving out of the public domain, as some people would have it. With the passing of time we are also getting healthier and richer, without having to overcome the natural setbacks that were part and parcel of life to the generations before us. Thus fitted out we don't learn to deal with frustrations and to accept that we're not all made the same (no, we're not!). That doesn't mean the value of a person less endowed is dimished, he's just different. Egalite is a legal term, dignity is a moral one. Spiritual guidance is optional and only for the few. What's weak must give way to the strong and cannot expect to be protected. That's also Darwinism, in a social sense.

We moan and groan about everything, lose our sense of humor and respect for life and other people, because in the end there's nothing but emptiness. It begs the ironic conclusion that we've never been this poor and sick before, albeit in an immaterial sense! Can you blame the Dutch and the other Eurolanders for committing cultural suicide, the slow way? Still, one more generation or so should do the trick!
The End (of the series).

* This statement may anger some liberals, but while we're on the subject - they should specify at long last where exactly it is that their moral code is laid down. Dedicated posting to follow.

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S. Daniel Morgan said...

Human beings don't have a moral code "laid down". They develop their moral codes based on things like utilitarianism, consequentialism (we judge the rightness of an action by its effects)...etc.