Sunday, April 29, 2007

Ariverdeci, Kemal!

In "You can't make an Omelet without Breaking Eggs" we concluded that the problems of the West's defence against assertive Islam lie in Liberal morality. Yes, they do have morals, which is why telling one lie is perfectly acceptable and gets you citizenship provided your name isn't Hirsi Ali, but that telling two lies is considered one too many.

Had we not abandoned objectivity, according to which - all people are treated alike in alike cases, irrespective of gender, religion, race, class or bank account - we wouldn't have created subjective minority groups that due to perceived victimhood are awarded special status and privileges. The presence of these special groups at present do not allow the West to stand up to people who are expanding their freedoms at the expense of others.

Another article of Liberal morality is in evidence in the knee-jerk E.U. choice of the machinations of an inherently undemocratic, pernicious, Islamic party over benevolent constitutional military intervention that is at present taking place in the Turkish political arena. E.U. Enlargement Commissioner Olli Rehn yesterday lost no time in warning the Turkish military to stay out of the country's presidential election:

"It is important that the military leaves the remit of democracy to the democratically elected government, and this is a test case if the Turkish armed forces respect democratic secularism and the democratic arrangement of civil-military relations", Rehn told journalists in Brussels.

Taken at face value this is an unbelievable statement: the Turkish military have the constitutional duty to safeguard Kemalist democracy and secularism against the inherently undemocratic Islamic machinations of the AK Party, a wolf in sheep's clothing if ever there was one! But the E.U. is telling the legal guardians to back off and return to barracks where they belong!

Not only is Mr Rehn not respecting the country's constitutional intricacies in interfering in its internal affairs, as well as with the military's all important task of preserving secular Kemalism, Rehn's also protecting potentially undemocratic Islamic developments in the name of democracy!

The mistake made in the election of the Hamas government in the Palestinian territory is repeated in Turkey. I don't see what is the problem of discouraging (and prohibiting where possible) potentially undemocratic parties from participating in a democratic process! Europe never had any problem in harrassing and barring, of what they consider to be extreme right wing parties from getting an electorial foothold. But coming from Islamic quarters these dangerous developments are encouraged and supported!

Is the E.U. simply stupid, or are they just irresponsibly naive? Does the unchristian club consist merely of dumbed down baby-boomers without an inkling of higher Hobbesian politics, or are they just dangerously and dogmatically attached to their Liberal moral principles, whatever the cost? Or perhaps is Dr Muhammad Shamsaddin Megalommatis right in his article "European Manichaeism*, the End of Turkey, and the Subversion of Europe"?

If you consider these posts invective, feast your eyes on the good doctor's brilliant vitriol which owes nothing to postmodern, politically correct Europeanism! His pedigree however is above suspicion, as far as I can see. And if he's right in his prediction that this episode spells the end of Europe and Turkey as we know it - the former probably will not be to great chagrin of a great number of people.

* Manichaeism means dualism, thinking in terms of black and white shades.


james higham said...

Now isn't that interesting that you should write on the topic of Turkey and the EU too. This is precisely what I've jsut blogged about and will now go back and edit it to include your words.

The Gunslinger said...

Your question, "Is the EU simply stupid..."

is one that plagues me about my country's Liberal Democratic Party. They are either profoundly stupid, or profoundly evil. I just don't see any possibility of a third option.

Believing their own tripe = stupid
No believing, doing it anyway = evil

What's left?

Cassandra said...

I think it's a combination of all of the above (they don't see their evil as evil but as sticking to their principles). I think the problem with these irreponsible points of view is, that they're good opposition in normal times. But once these views get to be majority or actual policy (as is the case in Europe), and also during times of transition and tention, the world can't afford this 'playing at politics'. The new generation of statespersons also have no notion of statecraft (for one, they look to much down on history to learn anything from it): that's why I called them dumbed down baby-bommers. Thanks for the comment, Gunslinger! God keep us!