Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Your can't make an omelet without breaking eggs!

Delorme and great number of other Liberals are making the mistake of thinking that Islam is as any other minority group whose victimhood must be compensated, not taking into consideration its perceived superiority, its exclusivity and its intolerance of other faiths and schools of thought. They are aware of it - or they could be, if not in denial - but the public secret is that of their own choice, they choose to ignore it in the hope that almost overnight a friendlier, more liberal, Western variety of Islam will develop.

Some politicians feel other paths may yield better results. They try to avert the consequences by appeasing, smoothing over, imposing temporary stop gaps and half measures, uttering sedating mantras they hope will make the threat go away, hoping against hope to avert the inevitable, betraying their own people in the process if they have to (oh, I'm sorry - was that terribly fascist of me?). Some French Police Departments for one, are more realistic.

Others, totally in denial, require immediate commitment to an institution for the criminally insane (or wherever it is they send the hazards of society to these days). Amsterdam Mayor Job Cohen (proclaimed Mayor of the Year by his peers for crying out loud!) - who together with the parties of the leftist coalition that is ruling the city, have come to the conclusion that the Muslim Brotherhood may not be a dangerous organisation at all!

Yesterday we had a look at a Middle East Forum report to the effect that Islam in its present state, isn't fit to be integrated into free society. This conclusion may be an obvious one to any unblinkered observer who isn't dazzled by the prospects of a global Ummah. But so as to avoid admitting the fact, things are exacerbated by excuses that hardly stand up to closer, Liberal scrutiny. Delorme mentions one such example, of a Bavarian court coming up with stops like the headscarf is 'fostering paternalism' and is 'hampering women's lib'. That's elevating the values of the Left Liberal school to the accepted standard of general morality: the mechanism of political correctness!

The basic, absolute, and universal right to liberty cannot be defended without violating the Left Liberal moral standard. This is why we stand aghast when confronted with the fact that Liberalism stands for freedom, but that this principle apparently doesn't extend to practicing Muslims. This standard is thus self-defeating in the face of radical Islam, which needs confronting head on, and on proper grounds.

The present trouble with Islam could have been averted, if we hadn't lost our objectivity in abandoning the principle of equal value (N.B. I purposely use this term, which is not to be confused with equality, often taken to mean: identical). Mostly to blame is the Left who keep on arbitrarily compensating victimhood, if only for reasons of self-perpetuation. Relativism and its ugly stepsister, multiculturalism, did the rest for the distorted, subjective world view.

Another taboo is that what caused the problem in the first place - the Left's principle of good intentions that always outweighs the regard for negative effects.

While volumes have been written and (inter)national agreements have been signed over any kind of positive right, benefiting perceived unequal groups - be they animals', children's, civil, collective, group, men's, women's, workers' or youth's rights - we have lost sight of the real hierarchy of rights. To remind us of the most elemental, basic and absolute ones: the right to life, liberty for all, and the pursuit of happiness. All else is secondary.

The fundamental question of a government should be, is anyone expanding his freedom at the expense of someone else's and if so, do we have the means to address it? The prime government's role in the Classical sense is the defense of these rights, but that cannot be done if certain groups are empowered at the expense of the government's ability to do their job. This is a matter of proper balance. After the transition from Classical to Left Liberalism the government became an institute for taxation, and redistribution: compensating groups for their inequality in proportion to their difference.

We have to ask ourselves: if we let ourselves be demoralised by the call of the Borg: "Resistance is Futile - Prepare to be Assimilated ... !" and if we waive our right to self-defence, which is primer in any one's book, the Borg's one uniquely excluded - there will shortly be no Liberal rights or values at all to uphold.

The best generation defended the free world at the cost of millions of lives, so that the worst generation had the liberty to wreck two millennia of civilization in the stretch of four decades. Feast your eyes on the following quote from the comment section of Elsevier Magazine, a repro from an article dated October 10th, 2004 on Daniel Pipes Weblog, "Europeans Fleeing Eurabia":

"The German author Henryk M. Broder recently told ... that young Europeans who love freedom, better emigrate. Europe as we know it will no longer exist 20 years from now ... Broder pointed to ... passers-by and said melancholically: 'We are watching the world of yesterday.' Europe is turning Muslim. As Broder is sixty years old he is not going to emigrate himself ... he urged young people to get out and 'move to Australia or New Zealand. That is the only option they have if they want to avoid the plagues that will turn the old continent uninhabitable'."
That's right .... this is the answer of the worst generation: flee while you can! Flight is easier than showing moral courage and fight for what's right! It is time we did what must be done: return to basic values, get objective and state unequivocally: this is what made us who we are, this is for the good of us all including freedom-loving Muslims; accept and live them, or leave us!

Most of us have got over
the pre-war wishful thinking
about international politics.
C.S. Lewis,
Mere Christianity (1952)

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