Sunday, April 22, 2007

Of Farce, Oscuridad and Re-Re-Conquista

Yesterday I promised a regular participant in these pages (hi, High) to produce an 'obscure' post. An entire post goes against the grain, but here's an obscure statement if there ever was one. Brussels Journal yesterday published an article, authored by Soeren Kern, Senior Analyst for Transatlantic Relations at the Madrid based Strategic Studies Group.

"Spain’s Policy of Appeasing Terrorists Backfires" deals with the Iberian version of Atilla the Hun and his destructive policies. In a statement of utter obscurity it reads: "Confirming the growing suspicion that José Zapatero’s post-modern approach to fighting terrorism lacks a basis in reality, he told TIME Magazine in September 2004 that ‘sexual equality is a lot more effective against terrorism than military strength’. Digest that for obscurity, for a moment.

That is, on the part of 'the epitome of a postmodern appeaser', not the author Soeren Kern evidently, whose description of Zapatero's "multicultural group therapy" shines a brilliant light over otherwise disastrous political recklessness for the sake of it, that can only facilitate to further the Re-Re-Conquista of Al Andalus and beyond, the Maghreb, the West.

- In Afghanistan this week, the kidnapping of Italian reporter for La Repubblica newspaper Daniele Mastrogiacomo, his driver, and his interpreter ended with the freeing of the first of these and the killing of the other two, both of them Muslims. on Friday reproduced an article written by Islam expert Khaled Fouad Allam, which La Repubblica published on 11th April.

In "A totalitarian Islam" he explains the finer points of the fault lines within Islam, which are not just the more well-known Sunni versus Shia divide, but also a totalitarian versus mystic one. There's our answer towards the Religion of Peace: we should be supporting the Sufis!

- And while we are on the subject: the enemy is herewith on notice that any attack between today and two years hence will not be subject to any significant counter activity. This is the delivery time required to get fresh ammo and canteen supplies to the Dutch N.A.T.O. mission in Uruzgan, Afghanistan (ISAF III). Since this hazardous situation will not stand - and I'm sure the unions won't have it either - Dutch Command has let it be known they'll throw in the towel in 2008, totalitarian Islam or a mystical one. A sense of farce never was a Dutch forte.

- And as we find Canadian confirmation that multiculturalism indeed leads to ghettos, sectarianism and insularity, the most multicultural city on earth is moving on to 'metaculturalism' - and here they loose me - to syncretism. The term alludes me in the cultural context, but what could be meant, is what's called 'Truthiness', a religious smorgasbord of whatever suits your Individual Personality. The good news is that this particular piece of nasty social engineering might at last be fazing out once our governments get the message. Some cultures may after all survive the onslaught, more or less. And here's for the aficionados amongst us: metaculturalism does go towards Choice! This is promising a lot of fun, culture hopping. It may come in the nick of time to pick up a few pieces, of what's left of Britain.

- As Turkish National Islamists do their utmost to give God a bad name and murder their way out of future E.U. membership (not to worry, it'll blow over), the Westboro Baptist Church of Topeka, Kansas confirms Radical Liberals and The Pink Inverse Triangle in their conviction, that believers in the transcendental are indeed all deranged fundamentalists.


james higham said...

Firstly, I'm not so sure it will blow over.

Secondly, thank you for the dedication and I need to do much more reading over here.

Thirdly, I've urged Gates of Vienna to come over and check your fine blog.

Lastly, Cassandra, "James" is a nice name too. I like it better than "High".

Cassandra said...

No, not after the latest episode it won't (blow over). Sorry, James indeed much nicer than High! Just couldn't resist the word game ... cheers!