Thursday, April 19, 2007

Of Rats and Inner Voices, mainly

Humanity's inability to resist the temptation to push things to their extreme seems to be our curse! Take the following hot news items.

Lost our way?
I see this isn't going to be a pleasant post, but - as we know - reality must be faced. With about half America, I've had it with Hilary and all these other hysterical women's libbers about 'a woman's right to choose'! I think it's terribly moronic to get accidentally pregnant in the first place, rape cases evidently excluded. Yesterday I registered some female peawit whining that "... all these prophylactics are so terribly unreliable, aren't they?"

Let's suppose you are one of those who answered the irresistible call of nature and got unlucky. What's to keep you from getting a 'day after' shot. At present outlook in most Western countries the situation is such, that should you be brainless enough to let that moment pass, there's still a legal period, that number of days worth of opportunities, to make your Personal Choice. We shouldn't be here at all, but let's presume for the sake of argument.

At which point Hilary's libbers have the gall to come and tell us that, still dithering around the 180 days pregnancy mark is still not enough Choice. They also want the 'right to partial birth', which is a gruesome and unnecessary procedure by any one's standards. Even Hillary can't sell us a six months' old fetus for a de-humanized 'cluster of cells' .

Remember yesterday's hierarchy of rights? The disturbing thing in this debate is, that we are talking about human life, but the ethics are lost in the politics of the matter, and the principle of positing a mother's right to choose above a human's number one, basic and absolute right to life.

While beheading your innocent unborn offspring is seen as a right, hanging Saddam Hussein is a big moral 'no no'! Don't let anyone come and tell me we are not hopelessly confused, and not a little disturbed!

Christian values?
Roman Catholics keep telling us about Natural Law, and about a trait we all are supposed to possess. Others explain our natural capacity of a conscience, as an inner voice: after you've done something you oughtn't, it's telling you that it was a bad move on your part? It's all very Victorian ... Christian philosophy and all that, I know ... which is possibly the reason why it isn't much in evidence. I'm also not so sure about this over-all natural capacity of a conscience anyway. Perhaps it's latent, but needs nurture to develop. How else can you explain the above?

What conscience?
Or explain the existence of these rats?
- Dutch former Socialist Party leader and former World Bank Chairman of the Board’s Ethics Committee during mid-2005, who requested Paul Wolfowitz to act as he did, presently denies all knowledge. Those familiar with the Ad Melkert modus operadi, shouldn't be terribly surprised. Didn't I explain that's the sort of institutions Socialists go to die - spending other people's money - after messing things up too much, even for Dutch hyper tolerant standards?
- Deputy says 'quit', Here's the link to all 357 articles
- Well, the whole Wolfowitz affair stands to reason ... he's a neocon, isn't he? As it's open season ...

What? More rats ... ? Yeah ... remember the anti war crowd? This is the lengths some go to in a good cause, in all their rage, rage, rage about rats, rats, rats ...?


james higham said...

This post is no good for the intellectually challenged, Englishman. Sober up and become obscure.

james higham said...

You have it all covered here, Cassandra, by the look of the labels and the post. Entertaining read.

Cassandra said...

Trouble making up your mind, High? Okay, just for once will get terribly obscure ... will have to wait till next post though. Cheerio.