Saturday, April 07, 2007

For Easter: Multicultural Cuckoo's Eggs (I)

I wasn't planning on wasting much more time on the German government sponsored culture site that was established as a counterweight to the American influence on American culture, but the latest contribution "Multiculturalism is not cultural relativism" - while simply breathtaking is its anti-logic - not an unfamiliar experience for regulars on the subject - it does provide an opportunity to provide a recap for the benefit of those that have joined us a bit later, or for readers who missed the basic principle: that multiculturalism cannot base itself on any philosophy, other than the pseudo-philosophy of relativism exclusively, and that the excruciating postmodern phenomenon of political correctness, is a mere symptom of the two.

Recapping the above: relativism is to multiculturalism, what scientific socialism is to communism. Political correctness is to multiculturalism, what Heil Hitler! was to National Socialism. You still with me ...?

Whereas the multicultural proponents in the discussion, Messrs Buruma, Garton Ash and Sim are viciously out to destroy Western culture even if they have to make dhimmis out of all occidentals, it would transpire that the latest contributor to the debate, author Jesco Delorme, is merely useful and is making some honest, if basic mistakes.

A caveat for the beginners around this subject, don't expect anything in the way of logic or reason: that's not the point at all. Relativists only call their ideology a philosophy, and multiculturalists pretend they have a serious policy, to make the impression it is well wrought and deeply thought through. The proponents aren't interested in logic, in true or false: the basic tenet of relativism is that objective truth does not exist, reason why at some point I personally stopped counting the paradoxes, the oxymora and the fallacies. Even I don't have so much time!

Multiculturalists are presently disowning relativism as their philosophy because they just found out that if you deny objective 'eternal truths', the emperor literally has no cloths. So they're on the lookout in whose nest they can drop their nasty cuckoo's egg. At the moment they favour Liberalism, a philosophy they not that long ago vilified for its free-market principles!

The sole purpose of the proponents however is to push their agenda, which is ultimately the destruction of Western civilization - Christianity for starters - which, for some reason only known to themselves, they deem inherently and uniquely bad. In this respect, think like communism: everybody knew it didn't work, but the aficionados kept on apologising and advocating it long after its crimes against humanity became known, simply because it offered the best opportunity to annihilate the West. Fortunately it collapsed under its own weight, but that was after only the fittest survived the atheist humanistic onslaught.

But for those not willing to suspend the laws of logic altogether, let's begin by establishing a few definitions. The relativist mind - bend on realising the main objective - tends to be not very precise in definitions and loans principles and tenets here and there, wherever the purpose takes him. So, back to basics:

1. What is the essence of relativism?
2. What is the definition of multiculturalism?
3. What is Liberalism in the original sense?
4. Ditto on Socialism.

~ In tomorrow's instalment a closer look at the definitions. ~

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