Thursday, August 16, 2007

9/11 Demo in Brussels: Open Letters & A Slap in the Face

First a reminder that the SIOE Petition to the Mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans to allow the 9/11 rally "Stop Islamization of Europe" can be signed HERE.

Another petition, addressed to the Mayor of Londonistan for a SIOE activity in England, is available HERE.

Mayor Freddy "Champagne Charlie" Thielemans' prohibition of the Brussels rally is informative in more ways than one. He's not just showing his true totalitarian Socialist colours, not merely wiping his feet on the basic rights of indigenous Europeans, his prohibition is also a slap in the face of families that made personal sacrifices to ensure, that Europe would be democratic, and free of dictators with grandiose vistas of bringing about their version of a collective Utopia by coercion.

Consider the latest update from SIOE HQ: an open letter to Freddy Thielemans, reading:

"Dear Sir: You obviously need a historical reminder. My Father served in the Canadian Armed Forces during World War II. He and countless others sacrificed their youth and their lives, to give you and your fellow European citizens the very freedoms that you have enjoyed these past 60+ years ... Your denial of this protest is a very clear indication that Europe is once again on the threshold of falling to another group of fascist thugs. Who will help Europe to free themselves from the new brand of fascism – Islamic fascism?"

"... If the SIOE are not given permission to proceed with their demonstration, complaints will be lodged against the European Union with the Canadian government, and all European embassies located in Canada. Also, protests will be launched urging fellow citizens, including family members of World War II Veterans to boycott all products from the European Union and travel within those countries.
Jane Hand, Canada >>>

To which I might add that my family in all probability would not have been threatened with extinction, had my uncle - a medical student, and 22 years old at the time - not been shot down as a United States Air Force man over the Black Sea.

This is the face of a young man who might have lived, have had children and grandchildren, become a physician and saved lives, had it not been for the ideas and actions of collectivists of the like of Champagne Charlie. L'Histoire çe repète.

Another open letter, another slap in the face ... of another subjugated indigenous people, Egypt's Copts:

"Dear Mayor Thielemans,
Regarding your decision to ban the "Stop Islamisation Of Europe" demonstration ... I would like to remind you that there are many communities, other than Muslims, who have settled in Europe. Many of these communities have chosen Europe for their home because of its tolerance, democracy and free speech. Some of these have had to flee Islamic persecution ..."

NACA is "dismayed that you have unilaterally decided to ban the demonstration ... This goes against the principles of the European Union ... you are yourself culpable in the Islamisation of Europe ... It would have been far better if you had advised your Muslim constituents to either ignore the demonstration or better still to hold a peaceful counter demonstration on the 11th, or at some other time. If you fear violence from your Muslim citizens you would be far better employed in educating them as to Western values the rest of us enjoy and uphold.
Yours truly
Morris Sadek Esq >>>

Yes, terror works ... In the meantime in Copenhagen ... it takes more than the sad dhimmitude of a Socialist quisling to demoralize the intrepid Vikes:

"In the light of Brussels’ mayor Freddy Thielemans’s prohibitions of SIOE’s march 11/9:

We feel that Belgium as host country of the EU has a responsibility that E.U. citizens can express their concern for the E.U.’s decisions. Like any other dictator Thielemans has changed all this with a stroke of a pen. Meet up in front of Belgium’s embassy in Denmark on Friday August the 17th at 19.00 and participate in a peaceful demonstration for the freedom of expression in the E.U. and in Denmark.
Action group "Freedom of Speech NOW!"
Anders Gravers
SIOE Denmark >>>

Update on the coverage:

The Bloggers:
- Halal Pig International: "We'll March to Celebrate Freddy Thielemans' Birthday!"
- The invective on the Halal Pig French language site is screened behind a Blogger censor disclaimer (so incorrect, all those democratically expressed opinions!)
- The Belgian Hunter (De Jager) is pointing to a prior demo in Denmark and asks "Who's aggressive here?"
- Dutch politician Geert Wilders' Forum for Freedom is worried. The Forum lists a number of obstacles:

- The demo is being held mid-week, reason why many people shall not be able to participate.
- There is no direct political trigger for the march, for example impending European legislation expected to have a negative impact on further Islamization.
- Another problem is that Neo Nazis have already taken an interest. This was anticipated, reason why participants have been urged to observe the rules set out by the organization. This notwithstanding the trolls have already booked transportation. Regretfully the democratic anti Islamists have not managed to claim ownership and organize bus transport themselves. This can still happen. In any case it will be difficult to have the demo radiate the required message: Pro Democracy and Anti Islamization [siq]. (Otherwise Very Free translation.)

And the Rest of the Press:

- "Backlash Overdue" (!) - Recommended: a very interesting article with further evidence of Islamization.
- Cybercast News Service: "Anti-Shari'a March Banned, But 'Spontaneous' Actions Likely"
- HLN.Be: "Burgemeester verbiedt anti-Islambetoging in Brussel" (Flemish)

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Stephen Gash said...

The more rational people go to Brussels on 11th September - the less extreme the SIOE demo will be.

Rational, thinking people must make a stand against all the oppressors, whether they be Islamists or neo-nazis, well in fact all totalitarian bullies.