Thursday, August 09, 2007

Mayor of Brussels Blackballs 9/11 SIOE Rally

Brussels mayor, Freddy Thielemans (Socialist Party) has let be known a short while ago through a press release, that the Danish organization of the "Stop Islamization of Europe" (SIOE) rally scheduled for 9/11, can consider itself banned on the grounds that "public safety cannot be guaranteed."

The latter, says the organization in a post on their blog, is proof that such action, is long overdue.

"SIOE’s message through the 4 slogans is exactly to warn against conditions such as these, where people no longer can use their freedom of expression and feel secure, but the shocking facts are that these conditions already reign at the heart of the EU.

SIOE’s demonstration will of course happen, as a peaceful utterance of opinion, an utterance of opinion for which Moslems have countless times received permission to demonstrate in Brussels.

Therefore it is, of course, completely absurd to ban a peaceful demonstration because they are afraid of violent muslim counter-demonstrators! The mayor in Brussels is not fully aware of his responsibility, for as a mayor at EU’s capital you cannot simply forbid ordinary European citizens to express their constitutional freedoms.

Were he mayor in Antwerp or any other town in Belgium, he would equally have to allow the freedom of expression to exist, but precisely a Socialist mayor at EU’s capital has a greater responsibility, not just to Brussels’ own citizens, but also to the citizens of the EU as a whole. You must expect
that when the capital in the EU is called Brussels. It will it be necessary for the people to influence politicians in Brussels, among other things through demonstrations and delivery of petitions.
Hear, hear!

And if that is not enough, we've also got to deal with:

Media in the Netherlands are suppressing news about the plans altogether.

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Exile said...

I'll be seeing you in Brussels then?

I sincerely hope so. I'd hate to be the only one to turn up! Even so, I'd give this creep a piece of my mind. This is islamisation at work. We have to stop it.