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SIOE Update: Of Fascists, Commies and Hezbollah

First a few comments of a domestic nature on my part:

- A reminder that the SIOE Petition to the Mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans to allow the 9/11 rally "Stop Islamization of Europe" can be signed HERE.

- Another petition, addressed to the Mayor of Londonistan for a SIOE activity in England, is available HERE.

- This will be my last SIOE Update and News Round-Up. As the organization grows and the press and blog exposure builds more and more time is involved, interfering with my other activities. However Google Email Alerts are a free and practical feature which allows you to build your own news and blog round-ups (choose 'Comprehensive'). I can recommend "SIOE" as a Search Term and various spellings and translations of "Stop Islamization of Europe".

News from HQ:

- SIOE: "AEL Wants to Demonstrate in Brussels on ... 9/11" - "It’s going to be busy in Brussels on the 11th of September. The AEL (Arab European League) announced that it will hold a manifestation against "Islamophobia and racism in Europe". The AEL is known for some violent protests in Antwerp some years ago. It was founded by Dyab Abu Jahjah. During the war last year, he went back to his homeland Lebanon to join Hezbollah in it’s fight against Israel. Dyab didn’t ... >>>

Note: AEL's website yields some unfortunate cryptology. Instead enjoy Theo van Gogh's article about his encounter with the AEL, written before he was martyred by a fiddle ... eh fidel.

This is news indeed! After Trolls United on 9/9 are accusing the Bush administration of having murdered 3,000 innocent people in cold blood for political gain, we now have the agents provocateurs of the AEL stirring the pot by adding insult to injury! This is crunch-time for Burgomeister Freddy Thielemans: is he going to allow this Hezbollah-by-proxy manifestation to go ahead on 9/11?! Is Freddy's veil about to drop? Is the Unholy Alliance itself about to grace Europe's proud capital with a presence?

AEL's declarations on the Belgian news site HLN.BE is oozing a toxic mix of veined innocence and victimhood, while relying on World War II ghosts and communist boogies to create the required poisoned atmosphere. AEL is accusing the SIOE of generalization, of lumping the entire peace-loving mainstream Ummah together with a coincidental terrorist fringe (the basis of Thielemans' legal prohibition), while unblinkingly coming up with a counter generalization: "Europe at last is showing its racist and imperialistic character". As Europe however is part of the realm of the White Patriarchal Oppressor, this will be no basis for a counter-prohibition: it is as yet not a deed of bigotry to lump all Europeans together as racists.

It must be said that Dyab Abu Jahjah is a rather clever, little demagogue who's learned in his native Lebanon how to play ethnic and religious divisions to the advantage of Leftist Fascism. He's known to be fiercely pro free speech; how else can he stoke up the civil strife that he wants? Possibly in a reaction to the next two entries, in another article on HLN.BE, he's denouncing the hypocrisy of the SIOE appeal to moderate Muslims, in no uncertain terms:

"The train has left and where it will end is predictable: an enlightened Kristallnacht" (double click will automate a clarification by Answers!). According to the AEL, an Islamic ghost has been created (see the imaginary ghost photo of 9/11 ... oh, I forgot ... 'twos BusHitler and them Dews that did 9/11!,) so as not to discuss "the real problems of capitalist society", which are indeed unsurmountable! This guy should have been a speech writer for Adolf Hitler! Of course he's livid - denouncing it as hypocrisy - that ... read on ...

- SIOE England, No Sharia Here and SIAD Denmark are carrying "The Annual International Islam Apostasy Day" - "SIOE believes that many who call themselves moderate Muslims are in fact closet apostates and are people desperate to leave Islam, but are too afraid to say so ... therefore, to encourage people wishing to leave Islam ...

(The)Annual International Islam Apostasy Day is the second Friday in October! In 2007 this is Friday October 12. Those wishing to leave Islam ... should congregate in the central square of their state capital on Friday October 12 wearing a plait of green, yellow and blue ribbons for mutual identification. Strength in numbers is the key. Be brave, be bold, be free! Better coordination may be achieved by using forums on websites such as:

- Faith Freedom - Apostate of Islam - Islam Watch -

- SIOE England, No Sharia Here: "The Brunei Times accuses Europe of Racism" - reproducing The Brunei Times' article "Eye on Europe's Islam Hypocrisy", authored by Ms Eva Vergaelen, a Belgian freelance activist eh ... journalist, and a recent convert to Islam. It is a highly inflammatory piece of invective, filled to the brim with deliberate factual errors, revisionism and bent logic. It is written in rather bad English and in a confrontational tone, reminiscent of afore mentioned Abu Jahjah.

Come to think of it, the piece is an almost verbatim copy of afore mentioned articles on the Belgian site HLN.BE, in which Abu Jahjah is denouncing the hypocrisy of the appeal to moderate Muslims in terms of a train running straight into the direction of an 'enlightened Kristallnacht'. It is obvious, Abu Jahjah and Ms Vergaelen are in collusion: he prompts her and she - as "free lance journalist, with special interests in gender politics and identity" (that's the class next door to Critical Theory) channels it on to spread its poison within the Dar-al-Islam.

The irrational logic goes about like this: because the Queen of England is also the Head of the Church of England the West isn't really all that secular, whereas Islam, familiar as it is with the separation of state and religion (Ali Abd Al-Raziq (1888-1966) saying that "Islam is a message of God and not a system to govern a worldly state"), "Islam can fit in whatever political system that its citizens choose a nice example of democracy." [sic]. And I say to Ms Eva "I am a little dumb" Vergaelen "one swallow no enlightened Muslim summer makes, and the royal exception confirms the rule"!

- SIAD Denmark: "Egypt and Arab News" - "Let me thank you for your effort regarding the conservation of the values of civilization against the tyranny of barbarianism here in the muslim world ... the authorities in the middle east claim that "islam is peaceful" ... they are fundamentalists & cruel & DO hate the "other" ... the truth is - and im speaking from INSIDE the arab & muslim world - is that they are a real danger to the civilization & Europe in specific [sic] >>> read it all ...

... and another story of Muslim disrespect for local culture: "Italy-News by "Lepanto". And here a typical example for Freddy-to-my-knowledge-not-a-single-rule-specific-to-the-Islamic-religion-is being-enforced-I see-no-indication-that-a-large-majority-of-our-Muslim-population-is-demanding-any-such-thing-Thielemans. No, they don't need to, as this is the method how it's done! You wanna have a religiously neutral public space? Fine! We no veil, you no Christmas tree nor Easter Eggs!

Round-up of the Press:

- Front Page Magazine: "Anti-Islamist Rally Banned in Brussels" - "... It is hard to believe that in Europe Muslims and far-left radicals are allowed to march in support of their causes and inane theories while those concerned about the ongoing disintegration of their societies are not only being silenced but threatened with legal action. The controversy surrounding the planned 9/11 rally in Brussels is emblematic of Europe’s rapid descent into madness. Today Europe is a place where things are turned upside down and where common sense is not only commonly disregarded but actively suppressed. Having lost both its sense of identity and sanity, Europe stands on the brink ... >>>

- Canada Free Press: "Toasting the Death of the Pope: Brussels mayor bans Stop the Islamisation of Europe demo but welcomes anti-American United for Truth rally" - "While Brussels’ `Fast Freddy" ... seems to be ultra sensitive towards some constituents, he shows no restraint when it comes to insulting Catholics ... Freddy’s boorish and loutish behaviour are worn as proudly as his mayor’s Chain of Office. ... In New York, the 22nd Annual Muslim Day Parade is also to take place on September 9. The event is expected to draw thousands of Muslim extremists ... since past parades have included accused death squad leader Ashrafuzzaman Khan, unindicted co-conspirator in the 1993 World Trade Center bombing ... In contemporary politics, mayors like Freddy Thielemans preside over the "whine cellar" of politics: civic government ... >>>

- Also in Canada Free Press: "Arab-European League, Stop the Islamisation of Europe, Pro-Hezbollah Group Will Demonstrate in Brussels on 9/11" by Brussels Journal's Paul Belien - "The Arab-European League (AEL), a pro-Hezbollah organization of Arab immigrants in Belgium and the Netherlands, is rallying its members to march in Brussels on 11 September "against Islamophobia and racism in Europe." The AEL demonstration is a response to the request by the Danish-British-German organization Stop the Islamisation .... >>>

Round-Up of the Blogs and Forums:

- Infidels are Cool: "Anti-Islamist Rally banned in Brussels" - "Unbelievable. Islamists can rant and rave about beheading infidels, instituting Sharia, and Death to America…yet when their own citizens try to march in support of Western culture and western civilization, the Mayor denies them", copying the Front Page Magazine article.

- Campaign for an English Parliament: "Stop Islamisation of Europe" - publishing the initial SIOE press release.

- Foehammer's Anvil: "Pro Hezbollah Group will Demonstrate in Brussels on 9/11" - "Europe is worse off than even I had previously thought. Look what additional protest is marching in Brussels on September 9th. Bottom-line: If you’re anti-American or pro Islam, you’re welcome to spread your taint wherever you please, but if you stand up for European or American rights, culture and dignity, forget about it", echoing Paul Belien's article.

- Atlas Shrugs: "Europe looks anarchical" - "Fat Boy Freddy nixed September 11th rally but this is OK eh? No to peaceful 9/11 freedom lovers rally, yes to troofers and Hezbos. Lovely. Storm the EU!", Pamela Geller also transcribing Paul Belien's article.

- The Discussion Forum "History of PIA" (Pakistan Int'l Airlines): "A Group calling itself Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE)" - PIA was fast to lock onto Ms Eva Vergaelen's inflammatory invective in The Brunei Times. It's been posted, but no comments received yet at the time of publishing.

- Weasel Zippers: "Infuriating Dhimmi article of the day" - a review of Ms Vergaelen's poison pen in The Brunei Times - " ... Some dhimmified European "journalist." I can point out about 10 errors she made in this article...." Errors, Zip? This is just muzzleman revisionism and the Hizbollah version of reality!

- Right-Thinking from the Left Coast: "Welcome to Eurabia" - "If you live in Europe, and you don’t have anything to do on September 11, why not join the big pro-Hizbollah rally?", also on to Paul Belien's article in Brussels Journal.

That's all, Folks!

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Henrik said...

I suggest sending the dhimmi mayor ( some of these booklets, politely asking him to read them in order to to make him understand what the demonstration was supposed to be against, and what he is imlicitly endorsing by his banning/permitting actions:

Since I’ve already sent him physical books on the subject, I’d prefer someone else to go ahead with these.