Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Marxist Revival (5): Political Justification to Violence

~ Continued from Part 4: The Assault on Free Speech ~

In Part 1 "The Lie at the Bottom" we saw that the basis of the strategy for spreading crypto Marxist ideology is the lie of the Primacy of Consciousness [1]. On a tactical level we find language, which to Postmoderns (Pomo) isn't the transfer of objective information from one person to another, but nothing much else besides rhetoric, propaganda, populism, demagoguery.

This is the probable reason why they are always ready to accuse others of such practices. The person emanating the 'sounds' (or soundwaves, or noise, a.k.a. speech) or text, tries to persuade his (or her) audience of his (or her) personal version of reality by any means at his (or her) disposal.

It's actually a secret for obvious reasons, but Pomo sees conflicts between groups as unavoidable: would one believe in objective truth (as non Pomos do), one would consider their messages of peace, harmony and diversity - the promotion of the multicultural society - a gross hypocrisy and a despicable lie!

It is in fact this conflict - after Rousseau, Nietzsche and Schopenhauer, and in the absence of free will and God [1] (another minor challenge for the Emergent Pomo Church), that generates change and growth in the world of the Counter-Enlightenment. Here's one who makes no secret of his wish to erect Marx' Utopia on the ashes of the impending cataclism!

Given that fateful conflict, Pomo use language primarily as a weapon, which - apart from Koukl's Passive-Aggressive Tolerance Trick affecting innocents and misguided bystanders alike - explains the often unreasonable nature of a 'debate' with Pomo.

Take their idol Karl Marx, the central figure of their pantheon, the incarnation of 'tolerance': this piece of sarcasm on my part instantly provides us with an example of Pomo speech; they are very fond of calling for tolerance, by which they mean that their opponents must practice it, not they themselves; it thus serves as a means to subdue the adversary - clever, eh?

Marx' incitement to violence, or political justification to violence, present legal term: 'hate speech':

For obvious reasons I am not going into the theory of scientific Socialism here, but will concentrate on the application of language. To place Pomo in the correct perspective I propose to start off with a quote from Pomo's main contemporary high-priest, Jacques Derrida, inventor of 'deconstruction":

"Deconstruction never had meaning or interest ... [other] than as radicalization, that is to say, also within the tradition of a ... certain spirit of Marxism".

My personal copy of Karl Marx' Manifesto had been sitting, gathering dust on a bookshelf for some thirty odd years while I couldn't bring myself to reading it; in the end it didn't survive the last move into exile. But I take Theodore Dalrymple's word for it, as one who has lived it from childhood, when he writes:

"... we enter a world of infinite bile - of rancor, hatred, and contempt ... incite to violence ... the hecatombs his followers piled up are - to the last million victims - implicit in the Manifesto ... anyone opposed to the interests of the Communists must by definition be opposed to the interests of the proletariat. Moreover, since the Communists 'openly declare that their ends can be attained only by the forcible overthrow of all existing social conditions', it follows that Lenin and Stalin were perfectly right in eliminating their opponents by force" ...
... superfluous political justification for irrational violence with a view of establishing social change - as Revolution to overthrow the perceived hegemony of the Oppressor was already provided by Rousseau, as we have seen in "The Straight Red Line (5): Love of Islam, Loathing of Self" ...

"... and since ... the ideas that people have, are determined by their position in the economic structure of society, it is not even necessary for them to declare their enmity ... the killing of the kuluks was the practical application of Marxist epistemology".
"The Manifesto makes no mention of individual human life ... there are no individuals, or true humans, at all". In the bipolar world of Marx there are only two categories: the upperclass of the bourgeois, and the underclass of proletarian armies of clones, the Oppressor and the Oppressed.

Translated into contemporary Pomo: The White Patriarch (rich, powerful, Christian, white, males) and minorities (everybody else). Marx' theory foresaw in the redistribution of Power and Capital, Pomo redistributes Power and Free Speech. In Pomos simplistic bipolar world, it's all 'the same': violence generating change and growth.

~ To be continued in Part 6: The Queen of Rage, Rage, Rage & Ludicrous Equation ~


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