Monday, August 13, 2007

9/11 Demo in Brussels: We Shall Overcome!

The SIOE organization predicts that on 11th September the Belgian capital Brussels, seat of the European Union, will be a little more crowdy than usual this year.

- Christian pilgrims are going to Brussels to visit the religious places of interest: Brussels cathedral and the old churches that litter the historic centre of Brussels.

- Tourists will flock to the outdoor cafes and pubs around the vast square of the Grote Markt (or Grand Place) for a pint of Jupiler.

(Who will be curiously absent are nationalists and extremists.)

As if by serendipity, a great number of visitors will remember that day the old gospel song of protest, that speaks of the promise of liberty, of freedom from slavery and oppression: "We Shall Overcome".

As long as people will not see, that the chains of servitude have been replaced by the shackles of Collectivism - because the mentality of slaves is such, that the uncertainties and responsibilities that come with liberty, fill him with a paralyzing fear - we shall not be free but always seek to impose new tyrants to calm the irrational phobias.

In Europe it has been like that since Rousseau made the fundamental mistake that man - in the absence of God, the magnate that predisposes him towards the good - would instead descend into a ruthless struggle for personal supremacy, Brussels Socialist mayor Freddy Thielemans' "onmenselijke logica van het profijt", the inhuman logic of profit.

Is it any wonder he prohibits the march of free people who stand up for human autonomy - liberty as described by John Locke, de Montesquieu, de Tocqueville, Adam Smith and John Stuart Mill?

The slaves have found a sedative for their fear of freedom in Collectivism and Egalitarianism, which they erroneously believe is the 'common good'. Their demand we all submit to it - to honour the commonality - should tell them something of the character of their ideology.

Radical Islam is but the latest in a long line of ideological panaceas for a non-existent evil: the result of man's distrust of himself. Consider the words of an essayist we'll hear more of in these pages, Wildmonk:

"... the "common will" that Rousseau developed ... (f)ar from being a moderating influence and a force for preventing the excesses of Capitalism, (it) became the most savage, bloody instrument of oppression in the history of mankind".

The Reign of Terror during the French Revolution, the Russian Revolutions, Communism and Socialism in its various other guises, National Socialism (Nazism), China's Great Leap Forward, Cambodia (the latter two thanks to Rousseau's peaceful agrarian tribalism): this is the track record of Counter-Enlightenment ideology. The figures are staggering! Communism alone is good for 110 million dead, casualties of World War II as a result of Nazism, 72 million!

It should put to deep shame the Left's perpetual meme of egalitarian Collectivism's moral high ground!

Wildmonk: "The conclusion is inescapable that Rousseau's multi-headed hydra is genocidal in its practice regardless of its justification in philosophy. Nonetheless, Rousseau's philosophical descendants enjoy considerable support in both American and European academia and among the European media and political elite. Genocide is no deterrent to this support ..."

With this state of conduct the remnants of Egalitarianism, answering to the ridiculous abbreviation, Pomo (Postmoderns), would have us quietly submit to the latest Collectivist concoction, their Unholy Alliance with Radical Islam (see Chart I: The Straight Red Line) under the threat of senseless violence and terrorism.

It's well known they've done away with history, which in their linguistic tradition of hysterical hyperbole is characterised as "just waive after waive of ethnic cleansing". That's probably a good second after hecatomb after hecatomb on the alter of man's fear of himself, of what he'd become, if genuinely free? And so the vicious circle of the delusion of 'forced submission to the common good' perpetuates itself.

Why not celebrate the new millennium with true human progress: let's convince our misguided, fearful brethren of their persistent common error: come visit Brussels on 9/11 and sing away the demons of phobia that keep them shackled to their chains: We Shall Overcome The Fear of Ourselves ... Some Day!

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USpace said...

GO Europe! Keep on fighting! This cowardly dhimmi Mayor is a despicable and porcine traitor.

Might 200,000 March in Brussels 9/11/07 Against Islamification BECAUSE Mayor Has Forbid It?

Everybody please sign the petition!

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
screw your great great grandchildren

give the gift of dhimmitude
why preserve your culture

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
put an END to free speech

to discuss immigrant crime
shall be against the law