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SIOE Update: Of Fascists and Other Loonies

First a reminder that the SIOE Petition to the Mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans to allow the 9/11 rally "Stop Islamization of Europe" can be signed HERE.

Another petition, addressed to the Mayor of Londonistan for a SIOE activity in England, is available HERE.

News from HQ:

- Sunday night received following communication re the weekly Skypecast, which didn't go entirely flawless due to Skype's outage:

"... Skypecast Sun Aug 19th, 2100-2400 ... we discussed the current situation in Brussels, the behaviour, tactics and influence of Muslims in GBR and around the world, the approach of "mainstream journalists to sensitive" topics as "Islamisation", etc. Skype working or not, I won't give up getting the news out, and inviting people to present their input and have their say. Nothing is more threatening to the creeping Islamic influence, than critical surveillance, information by independent mass media, and finally peaceful, democratic action in speech and expression. But it is also Achilles heel of Westerners against Islam.
Freigeist, Northern Germany"

- SIAD: "Demo in front of Belgian Embassy Denmark" "... Suddenly there were 15-17 autonomous on bikes coming our way and they started to throw filled bottles after our group. One bottle hit on the ground only one meter from a woman from the demonstration. It landed with such a power that it would have killed her if she was hit in the head. Five of our group succeeded to scare the attackers away with the use of the signs as shields. It's shocking to realise that these autonomous are prepared to kill in order to stop democratic minded people's right to manifest. This phenomenon is often seen in history. It's called fascist methods in order to stop utterances that do not harmonise with the fascist way of thinking. And at the same time we have to remember that they act in harmony with Freddy Thielemans' words!"

- SIOE: "Demo-tatorship? Thielemans's only allowing his own opinions!" - Announcing that a demonstration on 9/9 by Lies United is allowed, while ours isn't. The guys and girrls at Denial United insist in making idiots of themselves by perpetuating and pushing the demented Muslim conspiracy theory born out of denial, that "'t was BusHitler and the Juice that did 9/11"... yeah, and AQ's own proud confessions were Stockholm Syndrome!

Perhaps the date of 9/9 wasn't haphazardly chosen ...

- FrontPageMag: "New York Islamist Day Parade" - "On September 9, 2007, a pre-9/11 celebration of sorts will be taking place in New York City, as Islamists from across the Tri-State area will congregate there for the 22nd Annual Muslim Day Parade. If past parades are any indication, law enforcement will need to be on high alert, as the participants have been amongst the most radical in the nation. Will the city allow this denigration of a very somber day to take place, or will it remember its many victims of terrorism and shut it down?" >>>

Round-up of the blogs:

- Brussels Journal: "Brussels Mayor Warns: 9/11 Demonstrators Are Criminals" - Prepare yourselves for some bad news: "I decided to forbid the September 11 demonstration "against the islamization of Europe." [...] Since 2001 I have allowed over 3,500 demonstrations. This is only the sixth one which I forbid. [...] The right to demonstrate exists only inasmuch as it does not cause a disturbance of the public peace and order. [...] First and foremost the organizers have chosen the symbolic date of 9/11. The intention is obviously to confound the terrorist activities of Muslim extremists on the one hand and Islam as a religion and all Muslims on the other hand. [...] Such incitement to discrimination and hatred, which we usually call racism and xenophobia, is forbidden by a considerable number of international treaties and is punished by our penal laws and by the European legislation. The European Court of Human Rights has repeatedly pronounced judgements condemning this type of acts. [...] Our society has long fought to achieve that certain codes of behaviour connected with the Catholic religion are no longer enforced as civil law ... >>>

- Freedom Ain't Free: "Asswhollery" - is deriding the demonstration on 9/9 by the trolls of Usefuls United. He seems to agree with me that the press seem to be on an a perpetual acid trip since 1972: "The Leftinistra have secured and entrenched themselves within the alleged Main Stream Media now renamed as The Lame Stream Media or as I like to call them, The LSD Press."

- Faith Freedom International Forum: "Stop Islamization of Europe Rally Brussels 11 September".

- Ground Report: "Senator takes anti-sharia protest to Belgium's high court; protesters to hold demo 'allowed or not'" - "A Belgian Senator says it is "80% certain" the Stop Islamisation of Europe (SIOE) demonstration will be held legally in Brussels on September 11, despite the ban imposed by Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans. Meanwhile, speaking to Brussels Journal's Paul Belien, Dr Udo Ulfkotte (photo), German academic and journalist, vowed his supporters would go ahead 'whether the demonstration is allowed or not'. Hugo Coveliers, a politician since 1985 and also one of Belgium's top lawyers ... >>>

- SeniorenNet Forum: "Stop Islamisering van Europa" (Senior Citizens - Flemish)

- Right Truth: "Iranians Admit Attacking Americans, sort of ..." - Debbie calling on her readership to leave comments on present blog. Better, write a post yourself about the movement and become a supporting blogger. In "World Infidel Day - Join the Celebration" - "September has now been designated as National Infidel Month, and September 11 has been designated as National Infidel Day. The purpose of this article is to inform you and to request your participation in celebrating this worthy event. I hope you will participate in some way to celebrate the fact that you ARE an infidel and you are PROUD of that fact. Leave me a comment and let me know if you will participate and share this information with your readers." >>>

- Saber Point: "Stop the Islamization of Europe!" - hopes to be making a real nuisance of himself in irritating the Bey of Brussels into permission.

- Politically Incorrect: "'Stütz die Brüssel Demo'-Demo in Fredericia" - announcing another Danish pre-demo on the 25th August at 12.30 hours. (Probably a local Danish/German initiative.)

- Foehammer's Anvil's still at it, enganging in a spot of meta-blogging to the preceding update: "Stop the Islamization of Europe" and is smelling 'revolt' ...

- Parabiodox: "Stop the Islamization of Europe" - is cross-blogging from Foehammer's.

- Speeple: "Stop Islamization of Europe"- also cross-blogging from Foehammer's.

Round-up of the MSM:

- De Standaard Online: In above post Brussels Journal is linking and partly translating a number of articles in this Flemish newspaper. Alas all Belgians seem be in cahoots: I wanted to go through it and analyse the Bey's comment further, but apparently De Standaard only allows one free access before hiding the lot behind a subscription, payable only through a Belgian mobile phone card. Thielemans calls the SIOE march on the particular day of 9/11 "a dangerous amalgamate". Reverting.

Want a link? Blog about the SIOE! Who's in for a blog tempest?

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