Saturday, August 18, 2007

Stop Islamization of Europe: News Round-Up

Looking at the blegosphere, you'd think this movement is definitely gathering momentum. But first a reminder that the SIOE Petition to the Mayor of Brussels, Freddy Thielemans to allow the 9/11 rally "Stop Islamization of Europe" can be signed HERE.

Another petition, addressed to the Khalif of Londonistan for a SIOE activity in England, is available HERE.

So what's up on the blogs?

- Tory Heaven (Cato): "When demonstrating against Islamo-fascism is banned"

- SD Blog SE: "SIOE Continues"

- SIOE England: "Open Letter to the Brussels Mayor Freddy Thielemans", relaying post from:
- U.K. Copts Association endorsing Open Letter from NACA, USA Copts

- Michelle Malkin: "Is Brussels a Caliphate?"

- Atlas Shrugs: "Peaceful 9/11 Rally Banned" - Update

- Dodgeblogium: "Stop the Islamization of Europe"

- Exile on the Wing: "Brussels Demo Back on Track"

- Foehammer's Anvil: "Demonstrations Set for Sept. 11: Stop Islamisation of Europe". For who's missed it, here is a link to The Foe's The Gathering Storm interview on BlogTalkRadio

- AOL U.K. Forum: "Stop the Islamization of Europe"

- England Matters: "Stop Islamization of Europe Demo Going Ahead Despite Ban"

- Beer 'n Sandwiches: "Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE) - Attend the demonstration on 11 September 2007"

- Reddit Forum regret: "The "Islamization" of Europe will never happen and you know it. This demonstration is just another chance to sh*t on a currently unpopular set of people." (Cannot think why that should be the case! Denial can be such a wonderful thing!)

- The Amboy Times: "Stop Islamization of Europe" cross-posted from "Up Pompeii", who has crashed! Commiserations are in order!

- View from the Right: "Against Islamization and the EU (but what about immigration?)". Some critique here: "Political Junkie, a Swedish blogger, has sent me his post in which he criticizes the anti-Islamization march for ignoring Muslim immigration." I don't know if this was a deliberate oversight on the part of SIOE for political reasons, but personally I'd say that the statement 'stop Islamization' definitely includes a call to stop the import of more Islamization. Anyone care to comment here?

- Islamanazi: "Stop Islamization of Europe Demonstration, 9/11/2007". Rastaman is evidently not afraid of being not quite P.C., the social tyranny for everyone to act in accordance with Pomo's political views, that are so opposed to 'dogma and eternal truths'! Interesting niche news too there, Rasta!

- A New Dark Age is Dawning: "Stop the Islamization of Europe! Stop the Islamization of the West!"

- Oleh Musings: comments to "Today's News Briefs". Debbie (Right Truth) says: "There is a movement afoot to Stop Islamization of Europe (SIOE), which has spread to Stop Islamization of Canada, and Stop Islamization of USA. Perhaps we should add Israel to that, with a new movement, "Stop Islamization of Israel".

- Gateway Pundit: "Brussels Mayor Bans 9-11 Rally - Fears Muslim Backlash"

- And finally to complete our round-up of the blogs and, yes, the trolls at Revolutionary Left (RevLeft) are also weighing in: An Anarchist: "Anyone heard of this? SIOE. I predict riots between rightwing nuts and fundamentalist muslims" [siq]. The Young Pioneers seem to have taken an interest ... (does) anyone with boyscout experience know how to decrypt the fish code?

And off topic, but definitely concerning Brussels:

- Wisdom from the Realm: "Belgium: Terrorist Territory". "According to a recent inquiry ordered by a Belgian parliamentary commission, Brussels has become a major recruiting base for al-Qa’eda and a launch-pad for terrorist attacks on neighboring countries. The commission investigated the failure of the Sûreté de l’Etat, the Belgian secret service, to screen Islamic terrorists. >>>

And from the Rest of the Press:

- The Muslim Weekly: "Brussels Banned Protest Against Islam" ... and

- ... further: nothing, zero, nada, nul, tipota! Cordon Sanitaire! Quarantine! Complete Isolation! I can personally attest to the fact, that in a forgotten corner of the Dutch river delta, there have known to be outings for the over-fifties ladies, that generated more media exposure.

Want a link? Blog about the SIOE, and let me know!

Who's in for a blog tempest?


Debbie said...

This project is very important, and the fact that news about it is spreading is a very good thing for all humanity.

Thanks for including Right Truth in your excellent roundup.

Right Truth

Cassandra said...

Thanks for your comments, Debbie. Yes, it is the single most important issue of our time. The fact that the SMS is burrying it, is a measure of what's at stake. To now, a war of wills. The bloggers must be at it, relentlessly. Cheers, Deb!

Cassandra said...

MSM, that is ...