Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Live Report of the SIOE Demo in Brussels

Updates on the "Stop the Islamization in Europe".

I am reporting on the demo as news breaks from a number of Belgian sites which are mostly in Flemish. I will make on the spot translations. My typing may not be hundred percent, as speed considerations prevail.

12.00 hours: Assembly now at Schuman Square.

12.10 hours: arrest have been made. Reverting. Socialist Mayor apparently issued a "No Passaran".

12.15 hours: Focus TV - Even before noon some 10 people have been arrested on Luxemburg Square. It is uncertain who they are. Apart from the neo Nazi trolls, there's also fear for Arab European League (AEL)presence. This immigrants advocacy organization is closely linked to Hezbollah. They are best described as Radical Islamicist Marxists. The secessionist Vlaams Belang political party - loosely translated as 'Flemish Interests' - were prominently around. Reverting.

12.35 hours: Brussels News Radio is reporting that the anti Islamization rally has "of course" been prohibited by the Mayor. Brussels' European quarter seems under a state of siege. Mounted police and press everywhere. About 200 Vlaams Belang (VB) people have been arrested very heavy handedly and taken away in police vans to the "Palace of Justice". Its chairman has been filmed - kicking and screaming - and shouting: "Is this democracy in Belgium?!". A number of Brussels Council members are present: mentioned were Johan Arkens, Johan Demol and Jos van Assen. Police presence is massive. At the train (or metro) station a number of Dutch neo Nazi trolls have been arrested. There are a few counter demonstrators around, yelling "racists". Of our people, no mention at all ... reverting.

First photo material: arrest of Frank Vanhecke, chairman VB:

13.00 hours: A number of Flemish and Dutch media are marginally reporting that Philip Dewinter, the political leader of Vlaams Belang, has been arrested, while shouting: "We are against the Islamization of Europe". This is bad news, folks. Our demo is being overshadowed by Vlaams Belang, who - as organization of some repute - draw most of the attention. Our message is "lumped" together with their reputation of being nothing short of "extreme Rightist" (by European crypto Marxist standards, that is). Sht!

14.15 hours: Some Belgian MSM are reporing the demo is basically over. The police tactic seems to be have been to concentrate the demo on Schuhman Sq. This was as per agreement however. I'm still screening, but this seems to be basically it ... No mention of if AEL members are around; some considered the planned counter rally by AEL a ploy, an excuse for Freddy to blackball the SIOE demo, anyway.

14.30 hours: Henrik, commentator on Gates of Vienna, reporting as follows: "My Hungarian friend now reports that they held the planned 1 minute of silence for the victims of 9/11, and that there will be a press conference at 16:30. They are at Luxembourg Square (next to the EP), no police brutality has been spotted there." They seemed to have concentrated their violent efforts on Vlaams Belang ... I'll try to find more on this press conference ...

15.20 hours: First images, a sort of slide presentation (scroll down a bit!) on "Het Belang van Limburg", a provincial news outlet. What it comes down to, is the molestation of VB people, VanHecke and Dewinter, by the police. Further on more VB people in tees and blacks bags over their heads. The elderly gentleman shown at the end of the presentation looks like he just had his first demo. It doesn't look good at all, folks ... reverting.

15.30 hours: International Herald Tribune: "Police arrest 2 far-right Belgian leaders at anti-Islam 9/11 protest" >>>

16.15 hours: Baron Bodissey at Gates of Vienna reporting as follows: "Italian Euro-Deputy Arrested in Brussels" - From the feedback section at the Brussels Journal - Belgian police have stopped the Euro Deputy of the “Lega Nord” Mario Borghezio before an anti-Islam protest. Borghezio in person told that in a phone call, he told he was in a police van and denounced beatings from police officers. He’s supposely being held with another 20 people."

16.25 hours: Vlaams Belang (VB) website reporting without further details, that French MEP Carl Lang is also one of those arrested.

16.55 hours: More pics on Yahoo News: undisputed First Prize ... Cum Laude (above): Solvit! Indeed ...
Update: this bound, gagged and molested gentleman turns out to be the Vice President of the Flemish Parliament, Luk Van Nieuwenhuysen.

17.05 hours: Dutch Socialist news rag De Volkskrant has an article which describes the typical European attitude that will be our undoing: "The Belgian media criticised the heavy handed police actions; Dewinter and Vanhecke can now present themselves as martyrs. "It's correct that Europe and its values are in danger", reacted Secretary General Terry Davis of the Council of Europe in Strasbourg. "But the danger is not emanating from Islam. Our common European values are undermined by demogogues and radicals, both Islamic and Islamophobe, who are exploiting fear and bigotry for their own political profit". ... for the time being it's unSolvit, or more probable: deSolvit! And one more observation: I suppose very few are aware of just how fascist their mindset has become, least of all the Belgian media.

19.00 hours: Vlaams Belang (VB) website has a video running of today's disturbing goings-on in front of the Euro Parliament Building in Brussels. One conclusion from this war zone and its preparations is undeniable: there are three parties calling the shots in Belgium (and this is probably true for Europe as a whole): crypto Marxists, neo Nazis and Islamists: the unholy totalitarian threesom. More on this happy all-in-the-family in tomorrow's post.

Image: courtesy Atlas Shrugs


Justin Halter said...

Good lord, this is so depressing.

Cassandra said...

You don't know yet by half. Later on today posting more observations.