Friday, September 07, 2007

Socialists Lead Condemnation of Anti-Islam Demo on 9/11

While already in the process of 'fisking' captioned news item on the official website of The Socialist Group in the European Parliament to shreds, I concluded with a certain tired melancholy that one doesn't actually know where to begin.

As a supporter of the SIOE, personal insults on the basis of Socialists' "beliefs" aside, let's restrict ourselves for the moment to the main conclusions:

1. The European Socialists are claiming the lead in the "international support" for the SIOE 9/11 demo ban by their ideological colleague, the Mayor of Brussels. They do so by reaffirming their "belief" that "intercultural dialogue is the best way of dealing with the sources of fundamentalist terrorism" - a discourse they propose to conduct with a cultural and religious section of society (Muslims) who "have no relation whatsoever" with said "fundamentalist terrorism". Why then have the dialogue, about its "sources", in the first place? This circular reasoning doesn't make sense and begs for a rational clarification!

2. The Euro Socialists' claim to leadership of the condemnation and ban of the Stop Islamization Of Europe Demo has been well noted. They have now become the official political Owners of the subject, on the continent.

3. This week alone there were two thwarted terrorist attempts, one in Germany and another in Denmark, both of which were totally 'unrelated' to the Religion of Peace. In the face of such a seriousness situation, the Socialists seem to be leaning rather heavily on their "belief". Actually it's rather inadequate, considering authorities' first duty: assuring the safety of the population.

4. The Socialist Group leader's title wouldn't be unbecoming the Head Boy of a local Scouting Club, but that doesn't stand in the way of launching some serious investigations. Later in the letter, belief makes place for conviction: "Like you, we are convinced that the people behind this demonstration want above all to stigmatise a community for dark racist and xenophobic reasons as is proven by the readiness to lump Islam together with fundamentalist terrorism."

It's quite obvious how Mr Schulz has convinced himself of the above, but one thing is for sure: his vigorous research didn't extend to visiting the SIOE's websites or the reading of SIOE press releases. But then, he didn't have to, did he? 'Lumping' is all the proof required for vile accusations and the withdrawal of democratic rights. Hey, let's lump some more! All Socialists are paternalistic authoritarians!

- "Stop Islamization of Europe" HQ
- "SIOE England: No Sharia Here"

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Update: Osama bin Laden has just issued another ultimatum to America, as is required by Sharia Law: convert or die. "There are two ways to end the war in Iraq: "The first is from our side, and it is to continue to escalate the killing and fighting against you. The second way, is to reject America's democratic system and convert to Islam." The stage is set for the next major assault. Let's face it: appeasing them (hope that word isn't too lumpy) won't help. Pretending the Islamic fanatics aren't a threat doesn't either, nor the belief that the American administration is at fault.

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USpace said...

The Demo was an attempt at "interfaith dialogue". That's the whole point, the appeasers don't want any real honest dialog.
Good for Denmark and Belgium to fight these wackos!

The Islamofascists are the racist ones. They are against the Christian Race, and the Jewish Race and the Buddhist race and the Atheist race and the…

draw not Muhammad -
Islamic law can only
apply to Muslims…

Muslims not bound by Buddhist
Christian or Jewish doctrine

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
you have NO rights

to hate religions
that demand to convert you

absurd thought -
God of the Universe calls
for sick ideologies

that deny human rights
KILL adulterers and gays

absurd thought -
God of the Universe says
don’t learn about jihad

wanting to know or teach it
is RACIST say the WACKOS