Tuesday, September 18, 2007

"The Nice Matters Award" for Intrepid Blogstresses

"1389 Blog Antijihadist Tech" - apart from relentlessly hunting censors and cyber jihad - has shown there's another side to her too. She has kindly nominated "The Lighthouse" for "The Nice Matters Award."

The award is an initiative of Glitter and Grunge, an online shop for unique handcrafted accessories, gifts and collectibles!

The reward is the sidebar button for your blog and the honour of nominating seven more rockin' blogstresses.

1389 herself was nominated by "Velvet Hammer", who got nominated by Debs at "Right Truth". "Velvet Hammer" is keeping tally, so please keep her abreast of future developments as Nice Matters is developing.

Here are the nominees of "The Lighthouse" jury, in random order:

1. Pamela Geller at "Atlas Shrugs";
2. Pat Santy at "Dr Sanity";
3. Gina Cobb at "Gina Cobb";
4. Neo Neocon at "Neo Neo-con";
5. Ayaan Hirsi Ali at Ayaan Weblog;
6. Incognito at Confessions of a Closet Republican;
7. Tiberge at Gallia Watch.

Take the day off from the death-cult induced mass hysteria of the Left, and have fun (for once), gals!

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