Monday, September 10, 2007

Of the Cavalry, the Khalifate & Continents Full of Treason

Mayor Freddy 'The Toad' Thielemans owes Stop Islamization of Europe Organization, what can by now be termed, a Veritable Global Celebrity Status! Let's show him once more in full glory:

Here comes the U.S. Cavalry to the rescue of the brave men and women who are out there tomorrow, saving Europe from the clutches of the Marxist Khalifate of Brussels! Well, perhaps not the real cavalry, but a few pick-me-ups, anyway:

- Human Events: "European Leaders Not Protecting Society from a Muslim Culture" by Italian freelance columnist and blogger Stefania Lapenna. It's worth a quote or two. "... those supposed to protect our lives, liberties and security are doing just the opposite, including against the very people who voted them into office."

"The biggest and deadliest threat we now face is the willful blindness of the European bureaucratic leaders who run in fear at the thought of non-Muslims exercising their fundamental rights to free speech and assembly. Most recently Brussels' mayor, Freddy Thielemans, banned a peaceful demonstration organized by a non-political group of European citizens who decided to join forces to voice their discontent with appeasement and political correctness."

"That they've chosen the symbolic date of 9/11 is unexceptionable, as they intended to protest the war on civilization declared on September 11, 2001. The mayor deliberately censored the use of the 'M' word ... Neither he nor the European Court of Human Rights are willing to deal with truly hate-promoting, racist front groups like the Arab-European League (AEL), an Islamo-fascist gang inspired by Hezbollah ..."

"Eurocrats may well try to prohibit rallies, censor taboo words and all they deem a menace to their Eurabian project, but they will have sooner or later have to come to terms with millions of Muslims who are already conquering - silently but surely - the whole Continent and won't hesitate to subjugate even those who allowed them to assault an entire system of values ... >>>

- Cybercast News Service: "Anti-Shari'a 9/11 Protest Will Go Ahead Despite Hurdles, Organizers Say", by Patrick Goodenough, who - contrary to EP' Socialist Gruppen Leader Schulz - was good enough to visit the SIOE websites: "... they are continuing to appeal on their Web sites for participants to follow a set of simple rules ..."Racists and violent people or organizations are not welcome to join our demonstration ..." >>>

The officials' sensitivities of the date 9/11 don't extend to 9/9, a day which carries no symbolic significance whatsoever. Hence:

- While in Brussels the Troofers of the 9/11 Conspiracy Theories United were out in force yesterday - all 200 of them - for a spot of French style capitalist bashing, New York was the proud host of the Annual Islamists Day Parade - ah, the beauty of the free world! La Geller of Atlas Shrugs talks you through that: downtown Manhattan she's told to 'cover up'. I'm refraining from further comment. >>>

- Atlas Shrugs has an exclusive written by Dr Paul Williams: "Media Alter bin Laden's Message": "Real warning received no airing on major news outlets, leading Pakistani broadcaster charges ... 'We must sacrifice our lives to attack the enemy.' This statement ... is a call for suicide attacks ..." Osama's postscript under way ... >>>

- Update: Here's the deal offered by bin Laden: America converts to Islam, and in return pays an Islamic poll tax rate of only 2,5 percent ... plus, gets a free pass to Heaven ... howzat? Impossible to refuse, what?

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