Saturday, September 15, 2007

Of an Unholy Alliance of Another Kind: Terror, Crime and Gags

In "The War Against the Greek State" in relation to the 'asymmetric nature' of this summer's wildfires in Greece, reference was made to its close relation with crime. Ioannis Michaletos, Junior Analyst & Coordinator at the Southeastern Europe Office of the World Security Network Foundation described it as follows:

"... the all-pervading criminal networks have gained a lot of strength over the past decade due to the opportunities the globalization process provides for their communication, transfer of funds and recruitment. A combination of political aims, ill-aimed business strategies, and abundance of 'executive personnel', is a first clue of what might have caused the current situation and what lies ahead, not just for Greece but for the whole world."

"The only organizations having the logistics in place for the series of arson attacks are international criminal networks. "... only an internationally networked factor could have organized the whole scheme, preferably associated with illegal industries such as narcotics, trafficking and weapons smuggling."

I'll have more details in a few weeks' time, but the idea behind pyro terrorism is "why take the trouble of resorting to dirty bombing when you've got perfectly good, unconventional, asymmetric, large scale arson at your disposal?"

On 14th August Flanders Fields in "Stop Forum Shopping Terrorism" reported on the case of Dr Rachel Ehrenfeld, who was also Pamela Geller's guest at BlogTalkRadio. While the legal gagging of investigators takes on the dimensions of a strategy in itself, Dr Ehrenfeld in a recent article "Terror Criminal Links Growing" on Frontpage stresses that:

"... even if only a little (of laundered crime money) goes to terrorist groups, it's frightening ... not only that, but you see the convergence of organized crime and terrorism occurring. In May 2007, Los Angeles Sheriff Department Lt., John Sullivan, stated: "organized crime groups in Los Angeles County are supporting international terrorists."

"Jihad is not committed by the sword alone. While less transparent, economic and financial jihads are far more insidious aspects of the jihadist war to defeat the West, and especially the U.S." More on Rachel Ehrenfeld's site The American Center for Democracy.

Information on Dr Ehrenfeld's suppressed book "Funding Evil", as well as on a global conference call with the author scheduled for tomorrow September 16th, can be found on News Release Wire.

Dr Ehrenfeld is fighting Saudi oil money opponents on her own! Please consider making a donation to her legal funds! She is fighting for each and every one of us!

Update: Here's a link to a Pajamas video of Robert Spencer's take on the latest ObL missive on the event of "the sixth 9/11 anniversary."

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