Tuesday, September 18, 2007

The New Dreyfus is Karsenty

Blogging will be limited the coming days. For one, I'm having a cold. But more importantly, I am playing surrogate mum to a two months old kitten called Vile Thomas Tripod. He's been hit in the street by something or other. One hind leg is broken and the nerves are severed. He's having surgery tomorrow.

Number One Cat has never seen such a vile creature in her life, so a peaceful feline coexistence is probably not on the cards. I'll have to take a closer look at adoption.

So, with one thing and another I'm taking the easy way out and link you to what can only be described as the latest cesspit into which humanity has descended: the new Dreyfus is called Karsenty. Here's Melanie Phillips in "Nous accusons!".

Update: A French judge ordered the release of video footage that could reopen the controversy surrounding the 2000 shooting of Mohammed al-Dura. >>> Hat tip Augean Stables

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