Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Of Free Range Porky & The Return of Talib's Mum

It's been some time since we've done loose niche noos. There are some worth the bother:

The MS (and not so MS) M:
- Military.com: "China's People's Liberation Army hacked into a computer network at the Pentagon in an attack that has US officials concerned about the growing regularity and sophistication of China's technological assaults" ... "two days before German Chancellor Angela Merkel met Chinese Prime Minister Wen Jiabao in Beijing last week (that) Chinese hackers had infiltrated German government computers with spy programs." >>>

- The BBC is reporting that the Mother of the Taliban is heading home: "Former Pakistani PM Benazir Bhutto says she will return to the country "very soon", despite having reached no power-sharing deal with the government ... she would announce the date of her return on 14 September." >>>

- EUX: (N.B.!) "The European Commission ... on Monday outlined what it called "radical" changes to its relations with the countries that border on the union ... European Commission Vice President Benita Ferrero-Waldner said the Commission proposes to open up the European markets to workers, services and goods from the EU's neighbours." >>>

From Stop the Islamization of Europe (SIOE) Headquarters:

- SIOE HQ: There have been some rumours that different political parties and organisations have planned to hold several demonstrations in Brussels (on 9/11). This could not be further from the truth! ... we are brothers and sisters for this one day. ... No Sharia Here! Democracy not Theocracy! Enough is Enough! >>>

The Blogs:

- Flanders Fields: "The next step toward the dissolution of the USA was officially put into place on Saturday. The beginning of the NAU (North American Union) has now been officially established ... This is the American equivalent of the forcing of the EU constitution on the people of the formerly independent states of Europe ... The intent is ... to merge areas which were once sovereign into manageable regional authorities, and that there will be no cohesive group which has power to oppose the consolidation ... wait until you face the interjection of innumerable regulatory committees into the bureaucracy of such an entity. Europeans already face this ... The same fate is planned for the USA and it's citizens, of that I have no doubt. >>>

- A different take on dysfunction in Islamic societies, by The Truth Shall Set You Free's Justin Halter, Professor of comparative religions, a rare species in contemporary humanity, the Seeker of Truth: "Arabs formalized and guaranteed permanent polygamy through their religion, and thus introduced a powerful destabilizing element in their own societies ... This continual and perpetual shortage of women created a continual and perpetual surplus of warriors, fodder for the expansion of the society through conquest. >>>

- "Chimes of Freedom!" Let Liberty Reign! Let Freedom Ring! ... or A Real Live Example of Narcissistic Awe or Psychological Projection (probably both): if you think of yourself as a nice and peaceful person, while actually you are full of wrath and hatred, the psychological coping device of projection makes the object of your wrath the one that's hateful, divisive, full of vitriol and bile, bigoted, intolerant and hatemongering ... something like:

"BS! This blog is very much an incitement to racial hatred ... the cynicism of capitalist business organisations ... endorse fascist movements ... Fascists and racists are not so much birds of prey but scavengers ... should (not) be tolerated ... by allowing scum the freedom to publish, both Blogger and Google put themselves among the lowest and most vile company of the human species. ... the scum of the earth, the lowest of the low, parasites, viruses indeed, unworthy of living ... The sooner they are dealt with, prevented from spewing their venom, the better ... nothing but a lowly coward ... canaille are parasites, blood-suckers who feed like vultures ... devils like Bush, Blair & Co whose interest is ... to rape the Earth and its peoples. It is THEY who are the Evil Ones, the "forces of dajjal" as Islam calls them ... We remind these new chickenhawk fascists of the words of the Spanish Internationale: "¡No Pasaran! In this filthy game you dare to play, you will not win ... the phrase 'Peace be Unto Him' ... is "Hello, my friend, I respect you." Similarly PBUH." >>>

More from the Dept. of Information next time round. For those who - in the face of perpetual persecution by 'the voice of freedom' and his ilk - wish to join me in a request to Blogger to reinstate the publishing rights of the culprits, Le Blog de Cochon Hallal, go here.
Bees pee upon them all (BPUTA)!
Hat tip: Le Blog de Cochon Hallal

Updating throughout the day, as The News As We Like To Report It, presents itself.

Update: In Denmark and Germany four and three men were apprehended respectively in 'major terrorist threats'. Of the lot arrested in Germany, two were converts to Islam. I'd like to make a prediction here and now that within the foreseeable future most terrorist threats will come from converts, men and women. Sad, but true. They are certainly as fanatical as jihadis ("the fire of the convert" is proverbial) and about three times as pathological! Of course you have to be an insane totalitarian in the first place to resort to such practices.

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