Sunday, September 30, 2007

Of the Missing Link and other News Stories

Here's this weekend's news and blogs digest:

- Civilian Irregular Information Defense Group: "The Unorganized Cyber Militia of the United States" - "... Some of us did indeed refuse to accept defeat. Some of that was plain old Jacksonian stubborness, and some of it was faith. We kept the faith with our nation’s warriors. We knew deep down that what we were being told was not the whole story. And we believed that our nation was a force for good in this world, and that the soldiers, sailors, airmen and Marines sent forth to break militant Islamicists of their homocidal habits were the best human beings this Republic had to offer ... We have all been the victims of a massive psychological operation. Even those of us who resisted. Our faith in our armed forces remains unshaken >>>

- In From the Cold: "Behind the Numbers (September Edition)" - "Call it Spook's Inverse Law of Iraq War Reporting: if you don't see a spate of stories on U.S. casualties at the end of the month, then there must be some good news the MSM is ignoring.If you want proof of that, consider the latest numbers from Iraq. With only two days remaining in September, U.S. forces are on pace for the lowest number of monthly fatalities in more than a year. According to ... >>>

- American Thinker: "Another Saddam guy linked to al Qaeda" - "Another member of Saddam Hussein's Baath party has been arrested for links to al Qaeda, this time in Italy for attempting to assist in a terror attack using aircraft, suicide bombers and anti tank weaponry. >>>

- Real Clear Politics: "Ahmadinejad's Overlooked Message" - "The Free World today finds itself embroiled in an ideological war for its very survival. Our enemies - whether Shi'ite or Sunni - are followers of a totalitarian ideology based on Islam which tells them that Allah wishes to rule the world through them. Israel is a central front in this war. Given the weakness of Western support for the Jews, jihadists see attacking Israel as a strategic tool for eroding the West's ideological defenses and shoring up their supporters throughout the world. >>>

- National Geographic: "Violence in Myanmar Exposed By Satellite Images" - "A detailed analysis of images spanning several years pinpoints locations where villages have been burned, settlements have been relocated, and military forces have expanded their camps. >>>

- Catholic World News: "Vatican greets Muslims, asks cooperation for peace" - "As the Islamic observance of Ramadan comes to an end, the president of the Pontifical Council for Inter-Religious Dialogue has sent a message to the world's Muslims stressing ... that all believers, regardless of their faith, should share in "work in favor of peace, by showing respect for the convictions of individuals and communities everywhere through freedom of religious practice ... doing everything one can to reject, denounce and refuse every recourse to violence which can never be motivated by religion ... >>>

- blogging Burma live from Bangkok: "Vigil at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok" - "There was a organized protest at the Myanmar Embassy in Bangkok earlier tonight. There were about 100 present for a prayer and meditation vigil. This Embassy is located on a busy street under the skytrain tracks two blocks from Sathorn Station. I'll try to get my video up tomorrow. Bangkok religious groups were well represented, as were expatriots. >>>

- Stop Islamization of Europe: Press Release - "Stop Kuffarphobia and Kalifascism! London demo 26th October 2007 - To coincide with Islamo-fascism Awareness week in which events are being held across the USA highlighting the bullying by Islamists against non-Muslims throughout the world. To protest against Kuffarphobia – the irrational fear and loathing of non-Muslims by Islamists. To protest against the persecution of non-Muslims via Sharia law in Islamic countries. To protest against the under-reporting or even total lack of reporting about such persecution in Western media. >>>

- Flanders Fields: "On Break" - "Please add your vote for a Free Europe at the link on the right. You don't have to be European to vote. >>>

Hopefully back tomorrow with some original work.

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