Wednesday, September 26, 2007

"Leftists For Sharia"

For some time now I have been persuaded that, whereas Islamism may pose a serious threat to Western civilization as we know it, a certain brand of Western Leftists should be feared even more. There is of course the cooperation of Islam and the Left in the Unholy Alliance (see here for interfaces and commonalities), but the type of Lefty I am referring to at the moment, is in a pathological league of his own.

This type of Islamist advocate is a sufferer of Narcissistic Awe, ugly sister of Narcissistic Rage. Both variations may be combined within the same person at different instances. I'm leaving the causes of this sociopathology aside for the moment, but hippy parents would be a pointer.

The Narcissistic Awe sufferer craves attention. Either positive or negative attention will do. This is the type of person who would enslave the entire world, if he thought this would be for the good of humanity. With this in mind it becomes apparent why we find this type of patient primarily in extreme Leftist circles.

The patient preferably also identifies strongly with what he or she perceives as the underdog, the Oppressed minority of the Marxist dialectic. In this way they share in the attention the underdog is getting on the basis of his particular victimhood.

This identification with the underdog is a problem if the patient happens to be white and the identifying minority member of another race: you could of course marry, but it's still a poor proxy compared to the real thing. Thankfully there are also homosexual and faith-based underdogs to choose from. In the former case one simply makes a personal choice in sexual preference; in the latter, one converts.

Christianity being the religion of The Oppressor (remember, The White Patriarch), the choice for Islam is an easy one to make (see the Left's and Islam's commonalities in "The Unholy Alliance"). But on doesn't need to go as far as that. As apostasy happens to be a capital offence in Islam, I would surely advice thinking twice before taking the fatal step.

Narcissistic Awe sufferers - as such, entitled to some leniency - are nevertheless unpleasant people, if only because they dictate the world to conform to their wishes and requirements. Within the discourse about Islam in Western society I come across this type of pocket potentate more frequently than I care for.

In the run up to the 9/11 Stop Islamization of Europe demo in Brussels I stumbled upon a young Belgian convert. She is an activist aligned with Hizbollah adherent Dyab Abu Jahjah, leader of the Arab European League. Posing as a journalist, she proliferates vitriolic pieces in periodicals in the Islamic world with the obvious view of stirring the passions against the West. The Brunei Times ran one such invective briefly, until their attention was presumably drawn to the fact that the article excels in lies, half truths, irrational revisionism and abject nonsense. Currently it has resurfaced on an Indian Blog under the title "Eye on Europe's Islam hypocrisy".

Another example of the Narcissistic Leftist for Sharia can be enjoyed here (Liberty Bell). This one is related.

In reference to the recent discourse initiated by "Muslims Against Sharia" I stumbled this morning on a site in the Middle East which regretfully doesn't give reason for optimism. "MidEast Youth Thinking Ahead" is a site by "a diverse group of young students, bloggers, and activists who strive for coexistence through democracy ... dedicated to eliminate extremist ideologies and ignorance from the Middle East".

Only a brief perusal yielded an article on that staple of American society: not freedom, but racism. According to this piece the definition of racism is, that it is exclusively directed - not against a race, but against Muslims: all other instances of 'racism' are actually mere 'mistakes'; the intended victims are Muslims, always! What a truly sad piece of paranoia!

But that's a side issue. Back on the trail of Lefties for Sharia is a commentary made by a member of Troofers United (The Real Truth Behind 9/11 conspiracy movement!) on an article "Muslims Against Sharia": Islamic Reform Movement. While the MidEast Youth Thinking Ahead itself terms the initiative an "interesting project", Mr Narcissism alias Randell Jones - in a pedantic talking down to the natives - is enlightening the MidEast Youth readership that:

... "The fact they include Yassir Arafat in the list shows that this organization is more concerned about promoting Zionism than in reforming Islam. ... they make a comparison of the Iranian President Ahmadinejad to Hitler. ... There is so much misinformation on that website I am surprised that you chose to put a link to it. This website is more concerned with demonizing Muslims than reforming Islam."

Like the Belgian convert, pathological projection has turned him against the civilization he stems from. He's stirring the Islamic cooking pots of hatred in the Middle East against the West as a veritable Graduate Ne Plus Ultra from the Marxist School for Agents Provocateurs. He's too pathetic to understand that the sad fate of traitors is, that - once used - they end up being loathed by all parties: betraying the one, why not the other as well!

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Thomas Enever said...

Where to begin...

Lets start with the fact that 'leftists' are normally also accused of being 'secularists', and this is mostly an accurate representation. So any compassion shown to the 'underdog', whomever they might be, has little to do with their religions. It comes from a more traditional idea of supporting those who can't support themselves, or who are actively being oppressed. In fact most far 'leftists' are adamant secularists. Religion plays very little role.

But that's not true of certain extreme 'rightists', especially those of an evangelical or conservative Christian denomination who indeed find much in common with Sharia regarding the role of women, homosexuality, divine law etc. These Christian fundamentalists actually wield real power and influence in modern American politics, significantly more than those responsible for the articles and links you cite, exert on the left.

As for 'truthers' there are as many of those on the fringes of the political right as there are the left.

My position is that any politics overly influenced or governed by religion is a dangerous sort. But I am not anti-religion, just secular. Your fear of the 'leftists' you cite can be relieved by the phrase "The exception does not make the rule". What observations do you have regarding the biblical literalists that currently push and prod the Republican party into a corner?