Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Saints: and opinions are back!

CNN is reporting today that due to Ramadan October was a particularly deadly month for the US troops in Iraq: 101 of the country's finest blown to smithereens, which is the method of choice if there is anything to celebrate in that part of the world. I cannot even remember how many tortured bodies are reported to have been found today, let alone the total. (Contrary to some twisted opinions it is actually Muslims that are killing Muslims).

In those circumstances it is particularly insensitive to have effectively been called educationally challenged by the former Democratic presidential candidate, senator John Kerry. It is to be hoped he'll never get to the White House: instead of admitting the enormity and apologizing for it (ask the boys and girls at D66 how that should be done), he's calling it "just the scandal of the day" and is twisting and turning to make it look somehow his remark was directed at the President, which is evidently nonsensical. When you're caught with your fingers in the cookie jar, it looks particularly stupid to stand there, pretending you were looking for a place to warm your cold fingers. The man is also complaining he is sick and tired with the criticism from the other party! I'd say, get an executive job somewhere, let's say in a tomato ketchup factory or something; they seem to get remarkably little criticism ... Anyway ...

In Holland they (but not the culprits though) are finally admitting education standards have been dropping year after year since 1966, so that even the lowest possible achiever could have a university education. This was always suspected by the perceptive, but now it's officially been laid down in a report. Let's hope all the consecutive Labour (PvdA) ministers will come clean at last about it, but if history is anything to judge it by, we can wait till kingdom come for a mea culpa. Generation after generation has been debilized in this way (no wonder they lack insight, cannot spell (Huiswerk Instituut????), have no historical awareness, are unable to plan their homework, have no discipline and have not learned how to study, are having problems with chronicity (time lines have - for some reason only known to themselves - been declared taboo!), they are unable to do simple sums without the aid of a pocket calculator and situate Stockholm somewhere in the vicinity of the Amazon rain forest - pffff don't get me going!!!). We're talking Holland here, but this is an issue particularly close to the Leftist's heart ("the nation's youth, is the nation's future"), so anywhere they took root, this phenomenon occurred at the expense of generations of children.

I've had enough for one day! It's borreltijd!

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