Thursday, November 02, 2006

All Souls: too many subjects! A few at random:

- It is really impossible to obtain some decent flowers in the whole of the greater Athens area! Really miserable spinage heaps at impossible prices. Anybody with a business plan to start a nursery or a hot house here, by all means go ahead and I guarantee you'll make a bunch!

- John Kerry it seems, has apologized and is put on hold for the remainder of the present campaign. It's only human to make a mistake, but always apologize for it, as soon as possible, wholeheartedly and without restraint. (Ask Gerrit Zalm - who? Gerrit Zalm ...!)

- For years Europe and Holland have been discussing how to root out barbaric practices, that have no business on the face of the earth! Here's an option ...

- AJC Radio Message: Tell Sudan to Stop Mass Murders in Darfur
“The Holocaust taught us that silence is never an option in the face of genocide,” and that is why the AJC has been speaking out on Darfur, says David Harris in his national radio message. He calls the inaction of the Arab League and the Islamic Conference “shameful,” and criticizes Asian and European countries that “put Sudan’s energy resources ahead of human rights concerns.”

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