Tuesday, November 14, 2006

News bits and ... the season is upon us!

It's true, honestly! They've been spotted ... the big red glossy ones ... and the little golden tinkles: Christmas ornamentation!!!! And if that's not enough, Jingle Bells and I'm dreaming ... have also been heard and not that faintly at that, but at full blast: try this one if you don't believe me. It's really far too early, but I'm such a sucker for the season, so you won't hear me complain.

Also some news items that cannot go unmentioned:

- The Vatican press office has made it known that the website for the second time in two months has been attacked by a group called "The Electronic Jihad"; No, I'm not joking! See for yourself. Being an optimist by nature hopefully this is the last bit of belligerence over "Regensburg", you remember that speech of Pope Benedict's delivered in that nice, German university town in re of Christianity's roots lying in Classicism ...?

- Here 's a good one as well: the Argentinian government has ordered the arrest of the former President of Iran, Rafsanjani. This in re of an unspeakable deed of state sponsored terrorism some years ago.

- The Vatican has released the full schedule for the visit by Pope Benedict XVI to Turkey, set for 28th November until 1st December. Let's pray he'll survive the gamble. Like the exsession of Turkey to the E.U., I suppose this one cannot be put off either?

- Elsevier is echoing my fears that somebody may try to reanimate the deceased "European Constitution"; you know, the one killed off by the recalcitrant Dutch and free-market phobic French between them. In Europe you never know what trick they'll be up to next, so the utmost vigilance is indicated, especially during any given holiday season!

- MI5 is at present following some 1.600 persons at risk of committing terrorist attacks inside the U.K., up by 50 percent since last year. BBC's Newsnight last night produced a self-confessed representative of the group, who uttered the usual crap ("the 7/7 attack came after Iraq"); S o o o ?

- One would have thought that in Europe they've got other problems to think about - what with the entire continent on the brink of cultural suicide - but in France they have identified a really pressing problem: the official EU logo for the 50th anniversary is found not so aesthetic. I think they have a pressing point, actually. What kids think up this kind of stuff?

- Some people's vistas are limitless ! I think he'll do it too!

Well, it's long past my bed-time (again) and I have to get up early. I'm going for an Ahmadinejad jacket ...!

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