Monday, November 13, 2006

Globalization, on a global level

Believe me, I'm no fundamentalist anti-globalizer. I'm a warm blooded follower of Adam Smith and a Capitalist with a Capital C (as well as a number of other things). But which really gets my back up nowadays is this awful, one sauce for all the world idea that there is such a thing as Best Practice.
In U.N. terms this means that African dictators shouldn't squander development assistance on weapons, war and women; so far so good.
On a national scale it means it's good not to believe in counter-intuitive fairy tales, like it's better to borrow jumbo figures of money for nice projects for nice socialist people now, because in 20 year's time the interest on the same money will be much higher and your kids will be much richer anyway, so they can afford a towering national debt level.
For a household budget it's also clear sailing: don't spend more than your income.
But now on a day-to-day business communication level. In such terms it means that any given company, wherever you are, subscribing to "Best Practice" works - or more to the point, doesn't work - in the same bloody, infuriating way; which means total n o n - c o m m u n i c a t i o n - all in the same appallingly infuriating, anonymous, counter-accessible, nerdy, zombiesk, autistic manner. For heaven's sake! It's easier to build a meaningful relationship with a tortoise, than trying to get rapport with some of those post-digital revolution companies. Access our best practice database!!!! We are proud to announce we are certified at ..... under dossier number ISO so and so: get us!!!
Get us, my foot! Once they've landed the project they'll hide behind non-human telephone lines and other customer repellents, the doors will be closed, the shades get dropped and the bars go down, literally and the catch-phrase becomes, drop dead! Can anybody explain whatever happened to the C in ICT? Or was it always just IT, Intolerably Tedious?

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