Tuesday, November 21, 2006

About the old war and the new one

A sad time once again in Lebanon with the assassination today of Pierre Gemayel (34), a third generation, Maronite politician and Minister of Industry in the government of Fuad Siniora.

Not content with the attempt to topple the government, which is seen as pro Western (pro democracy, that is), the idea is apparently to destabilize the country even further, with the well-known object of establishing Tehran on the Mediterranean.

According to sources it is sheer intimidation of the government, that just this week approved an international investigation into the killing of former Prime Minister Rafik Hariri. That the axis Tehran-Damascus is involved, has already been established by a preliminary U.N. investigation, already conducted.

This is not a day for flippancy, but has anybody kept count of the number of dead, wounded and maimed, including charming and innocent TV journalists?

Damascus has already pronounced their involvement in the killing as ridiculous and I think we don't have to wait long before Israel is implicated (and George, of course).

There's hardly any denying by now there's a war in progress, by proxy in tortured Lebanon, or elsewhere. The Daily Star opines that the U.N. investigation is closing in on Damascus. Hezbollah, of course, is their proxy. To be continued, I fear.

It is also increasingly unhealthy to criticize President Vladimir Putin of Russia. And that's putting it very mildly! Old Sovjet habits die hard! If it didn't cost brave people their lives you might even romanticize and think in terms of Cold War spook thrillers. No, frankly, it's sad and more than somewhat bizarre!

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