Sunday, November 19, 2006

Puzzle contest. First prize: a book!

The BBC is reporting this morning that Israelis have called off a planned air attack on the house in Jabaliya refugee camp in Gaza of a commander in the Popular Resistance Committee militant group, after hundreds of Palestinians formed a human shield upon his prompting. The Israeli army often orders people out of homes ahead of attacks*, saying it aims to avoid casualties.
Here's today's puzzle contest: guess what the Israelis will do next time when they find it advisable to do such an attack?
a. They'll send a nice bouquet of flowers instead;
b. They'll do nothing, as flabbergasted;
c. Next time they'll attack without prior warning.
The contest runs throughout the day and closes at midnight l.t.
The winner gets an autographed copy (autographed by me, that is) of Dr Anthony Rizzi's book Science before Science (review - by the way - in the making).

* The destruction of enemy homes is a ancient practice in that part of the Middle East and apparently still popular.

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