Friday, November 24, 2006

The State of Malcontent II

My analysis of the present situation of discontent is the following.
Pim Fortuyn back in 2002 before he was murdered by an animal-rights activist, was a lightning rod for all the negativity in the country, the reasons of which were sought in a political system that fostered uncharismatic politicians, mediocrity and a style which can only be described as P.C. squared.

Due to the fact that some serious problems (mostly multiculture related issues) were pronounced taboo by the three consecutive so-called purple governments*, these problems were largely and quite consciously ignored. Politicians and others who did try to bring them up were either bombed, cordon-sanitaired and/or demonized as persons with unsavoury opinions and ideas. Policies that were put into place stipulated retaining of elements of ethnic, religious and cultural identity and foresaw to that effect in facilities like multi-language information brochures, schools that provided original language classes, etc. Integration was a dirty word, but some efforts were made, largely limited to bicycle lessons for women.

This was the situation that gave Pim Fortuyn a landslide election victory and - had he lived - he might have made a success of it. As it was the party went down by a combination of internal strife, beginner's mistakes and sheer stupidity. The discontent however remained and the sources as well as the remedies are still being sought in political and material issues. I think the problem lies elsewhere. Where, I'll tell you tomorrow.

* The purple governments (1994-2002) were cabinets made up of two liberal parties and labour; their signature colours were blue, green en red respectively, which together make up a kind of ... well, purple.

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