Friday, November 10, 2006

A bad habit.

I have a bad habit. More than one actually, but the one which annoys me at present is the habit of opening my RSS Feedreeder before turning in at night. I get to read two infuriating stories at the minimum. So I open my Blog to write a comment and am hence unable to sleep till four hours later when the adrenaline is starting to wear off and the sun is hesitantly showing it's face over the mountains.

I have had no problem whatsoever in producing tonight's two stories: one from Holland (which I said I wouldn't do anymore in the foreseeable future, but then this country is still a fountain of annoyance and infantility). The other hails from Germany, but could just as easily have originated in Holland (in fact, this already happened there).

Here's number one: the country prides itself in having a leftist catholic fringe which is called the 5th of May Movement, so called after the date the old Pope, called The Great, visited the country and was received as if he were the devil incarnate. This fringe movement, which is now at long last on the brink of extinction, produced a poet, yes a poet, well poet .... he says he is, anyway. But he's got more occupations than Houdini had tricks: he's also a theologist, and a politician. He's on a prominent place (according to some strategists) on the ballot list of the former Maoist communist party, presently calling itself socialist (which makes all the difference!).

This person has opined in an interview with a "train rag" that to his thinking the only difference between the police that collaborated with the German authorities during Nazi occupation and the present national service that is hired to remove illegal aliens from the country (IND), is the fact that the former's intention was the actual extermination of said aliens. The man is either insane, lost his single braincell in a canabis induced cerebral storm, or both (probable causility)! If you remove the intention of extermination, what you are left with ... well, is a national service that is hired to remove illegal aliens ...., which is prosecuting by the way ... they feel insulted.

Here's the P.C. Gospel, the German version. I'm not going to comment. Figure it out for yourself. It's long past my bedtime.

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