Wednesday, November 01, 2006

For the last time: Ayaan and Theo van Gogh

I am sick and tired of having to pay so much attention to the emancipatory throes of the Sons of Peace on their long, winding road to humanity. Frankly, they just don't deserve it anymore! In fact it may even encourage their miserable behaviour. But since present item concerns two heroes of mine, Ayaan Hirsi Ali and Theo van Gogh, and the murder of the latter will not be forgotten in a long time, here's the latest upheaval.

A Dutch newspaper (De Volkskrant) today published a sermon by a Muslim cleric, shaikh Fawaz of the Al Sounna Mosk in The Hague, pronounced just prior Van Gogh's barbaric killing. The curses, which - due to it's shocking content - I shall not go into right here, may even have led to said crime. The Justice Dept. is investigating, the outcome of which is entirely predictable (we've been here many times before). In an interview with Nova TV tonight shaikh Fawaz explains his hate sermon, as

1. part of the Arab (or Islamic? he does not clarify) culture,
2. he was letting off steam (he may in fact have prevented worse),
3. there is no love lost between him and this group around the killer of Van Gogh,
4. he has no problem with the Justice Dept.,
5. the Justice Dept. has a problem, as they will have to sanction free speech if they want to prosecute,
6. in view of the above he's looking forward to hear from them.
To be continued ...

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